Dead Pool 5th April 2013


Good afternoon Poolers, yet another week passes and so do many more celebrities. Alas none that were on our lists, so no points awarded to anyone. So without much to mention I’ll plug the website once again and hopefully you can tout it to your mates in readiness for next year. I’m noticing that the visitor stats are a bit poor at the moment, most traffic coming from my Facebook page or my tweets, so shout it loud, be proud and promote

Look who you could have had:

In other news

Iain-Banks-001Iain Banks has just returned from his honeymoon. The terminally ill author married his wife Adele after she gracefully accepted his proposal to be his widow. Banks wrote that he’s astounded by the outpouring of loving messages and support since he revealed to the world that he’s dying of cancer of the liver. It’s doubtful that he’ll survive the year, perhaps he isn’t one to keep an eye on for our purposes.


I’m not one to take mental disorders lightly, but I will mention that Catherine Zeta-Jones has voluntarily checked into a clinic to proactively treat her bipolar disorder. The Welsh girl done good seems to be worried about her marbles, personally I thought she was off her rocker marrying Michael Douglas, but she’s a millionaire, I’m a destitute waster, what do I know! I still don’t understand why she allowed his geriatric gentleman’s relish inside her, but there you go, each to their own, maybe you ladies can explain to me the attraction.

Stuart Hall court case

I suppose you have all heard that William Roache aka Ken Barlow has been arrested over allegations of rape. That deep hole of celebrity paedophiles seems to be getting deeper with some very surprising names popping up. But we can be assured that at least one man is now facing jail. Stuart Hall will be sentenced in June and I’m sure that he’ll find prison a rather horrible version of It’s a Knockout, perhaps we need to put him on suicide watch.

Few interesting birthdays for us to celebrate this Sunday:  Lance Henriksen (73), John Rhys-Davies (69), Michael Palin (70). Richard E. Grant (56) and Adele (25). Go pester them on Twitter or something.

2013 League Table


Next week peeps!

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