Dead Pool 28th April 2013

Unknown-1 Unknown-2Unless you are a fan of Roman Catholic prelates or politics, or perhaps followed the horses, which of course are not allowed on the Pool, I’ll forgive you for not knowing anyone who died last week. Nil points all around.

UnknownSadly a name you might not know but may remember from The Paul Daniels Magic Show is Hans Moretti. Unfortunately for him he’s dead at the age of 84, but also not famous enough to make the English version of Wiki. I remember him from the death-defying stunts he undertook in the name of magic, even subjecting his wife to a crossbow bolt aimed at an apple on her head. Truly a magician ahead of his time and one that scared me more than Doctor Who ever did. Thanks to Nickie for bringing him to my attention.

Look who you could have had:

 In other news

416066-mcdonald-039-s-burgerAnyone fancy a McDonalds? I’ve never been a fan myself, I think everything on their menu tastes the same and quite frankly feels like dog vomit in my mouth. But just to prove to you how bloody awful they really are, I stumbled upon this little story about a 14 year old burger that looked exactly the same as it did the day it was cooked. All I can say is YUM! Keep feeding that crap to your children, they might be preserved forever too!


Someone you might want to keep an eye out for next year is another child star,Edward Furlong. Famously the shittiest part of Terminator 2: Judgement Day as the sniveling young John Connor, he’s currently in and out of prison for various misdemeanors such as beating women and drug use. Could this be our new Charlie Sheen?  I wonder why Daniel Radcliffe seems normal compared to the American child stars? Perhaps Harry Potter is a magical exception to the rule.

And because I’m hung over, this is all for today.

2013 League Table


Next Week peeps!

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