Dead Pool 15th January 2017

Afternoon minions, we start with a rather controversial happening. Our current Angel of    Death, Laura, has on her list a nice chap called Christopher Wilkins, he was executed this week in Texas. Unfortunately for Laura, he has not cropped up on the Wiki listing, maybe because he’s not famous or his crimes heinous enough. So as a death, he’s been disallowed. 0 Points. More of a kick in the teeth for Wilkins than Laura I feel. Laura shouldn’t feel bad though, she still guessed the first death, again, just didn’t score, so she is the lass to beat still!

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In Other News 

The Queen has made her first public appearance of 2017 after ill-health affected her during the festive season. She attended the morning church service at St Mary Magdalene in Sandringham, Norfolk, on Sunday. There were concerns about the monarch’s health after she missed services on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day, which she normally attends with other members of the royal family. Buckingham Palace said she was “recuperating” from a heavy cold. The Queen, dressed in blue, arrived with Prince Philip at about 11:00 GMT in a maroon Bentley. Shortly after, she was joined by other members of the royal family, including the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, as well as the Middleton family. They stayed at the church for an hour, before being driven back to their estate at 12:00 GMT. The last time the Queen was seen in public was at an investiture, during which actor Eddie Redmayne was awarded an OBE, maybe it was all his fault and he’s heading the the Tower of London as we speak.

The actor who played Damien Thorn in the 1970s horror film The Omen punched two cyclists in a road-rage attack and has been given a suspended prison sentence – on Friday the 13th. Harvey Spencer Stephens, 46, lashed out at two riders and damaged one of their cycling helmets after getting out of his car after a dispute. He pleaded guilty to two counts of ABH and one of causing criminal damage following the attack. Maidstone crown court heard that father-of-two Stephens was “red-faced and angry” when he confronted the cyclists, knocking one of them unconscious after driving up behind them. Prosecutor Kieran Brand said Stephens repeatedly used his horn when riders Mark Richardson and Alex Manley, who were out cycling separately, were side-by-side on the road as one overtook the other. Richardson responded by flicking his middle finger at Stephens, who then accelerated heavily before overtaking the pair and pulling over. Brand said Stephens punched Richardson, knocking him unconscious, which prompted Manley to intervene. Stephens responded by asking Manley: “You want some do you?” before punching him twice in the face, causing him to fall on his back with his bicycle still between his legs. Stephens held Manley down and punched him six or seven times, inflicting dental injuries and damaging his helmet. Let this be a warning to all cyclists, the Devil is after you!

A Serbian man is being hailed a miracle survivor after he spent two-and-a-half days stuck down a well in temperatures well below freezing. Jezdimir Milic left home on Friday morning to buy groceries ahead of Orthodox Christmas the next day, but failed to come home. He was found some 52 hours later, on Sunday afternoon, trapped down a well while temperatures reached -20C (-4F). Mr Milic was discovered by neighbour Goran Markovic, who says Mr Milic’s poor sight probably explains how he did  not see the five-metre-deep (16-foot) well and fell into it. Mr Markovic said he discovered Mr Milic when he noticed a bag of groceries sitting by the well, in a wooded area close to their village of Smoljinac. “Attracted by the unusual sight, I walked over to the bag in which there was a bottle of red wine, a few bottles of beer and some corn flour,” Mr Markovic told news organisation RTS. “At that moment I remembered that there was talk in the village about a disappeared person named Jezdimir. Then I heard some cries and looked into the well and I saw, at the bottom, someone sitting with their hands and feet close to their chest.” He then notified a local vet, who summoned police. The fire service eventually got Mr Milic out. As well as hypothermia, he is being treated for bruises and abrasions consistent with a fall from height.

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Last Week’s Birthdays

Zayn Malik (24), Jason Bateman (48), Liam Hemsworth (27), Kate Middleton (35), Faye Dunaway (76), Howard Stern (63), Rod Stewart (72), Kirsty Alley (66), George Foreman (68), Amanda Peet (46), Mary J. Blige (46), Rush Limbaugh (66), Pat Benatar (64), Joely Richardson (52), Evan Handler (56), Mel C. (43), Pixie Lott (26), Carl Weathers (69) and Shirley Bassey (80).

And Finally…

This took the top Darwin Award in 1994. A Polish farmer, Krystof Azninski, who “staked a strong claim to being Europe’s most macho man by cutting off his own head.” Azninski and his friends, in an inebriated state, decided it was good idea to  engage in a little competition of who was the most masculine. It is strange how these things escalate. First, they striped off naked. Second, they hit each other with frozen turnips. But things turned decidedly bizarre -and deadly when one of them cut off his own foot with a chainsaw. Azninski decided to top this by literally sawing off his own head! One of the men was quoted as saying: “It’s funny, because when he was young he put on his sister’s underwear. But he died like a man.”

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Dead Pool 8th January 2017

Welcome all, as of yet, not a lot has happened in our quest to score points off celebrity deaths. But fear not, as sure as the sun rises each day, someone will surely peg it soon enough.

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In Other News

It is one of the perks of being a member of the archaic hereditary UK monarchy that you have armed guards watching over you at all hours. But that apparently almost backfired for the Queen when she decided to take a late-night walk around the palace grounds and came close to being shot. From time to time her majesty is said to struggle to sleep. During a spell of insomnia, the 90-year-old will occasionally put on her coat and go for a short stroll, an ex-guardsman said. In what could have been a points bonanza, he said he was patrolling inside the perimeter of the Palace walls when he spotted a figure in the darkness. Thinking that he had caught a potentially dangerous intruder, sneaking into the Royal residence at 3am, he shouted: “Who’s that?” But to his surprise, it was actually the Queen. “Bloody hell, Your Majesty, I nearly shot you,” he is reported to have said, on impulse. Perhaps realising this wasn’t the tone to be used when addressing the Queen, he expected a telling off. But the Queen reportedly took responsibility for putting him in such an awkward position. “That’s quite all right,” she replied. “Next time I’ll ring through beforehand so you don’t have to shoot me.” It is believed the encounter happened at the Queen’s normal weekday residence, Buckingham Palace.

And as we’re on the subject of shooting, David Blaine thought he had died when his attempt to fire a rifle and catch the bullet in his mouth went wrong. The magician, 43, performed the stunt at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas and it aired on his E4 show Beyond Magic last night. It involved him holding a metal cup between his teeth, which were protected by a gumshield, and pulling a cord to set off the rifle in front of him. The .22-caliber bullet fired into the cup as planned but his gumshield shattered on impact and the cup slammed into the back of his throat. As the action played out, Blaine narrated: ‘Time just started to move really slow. ‘When the bullet struck the cup, there was a high-pitched ringing in my ears and I felt an impact on the back of my throat. ‘I was sure the bullet went right through my head and that I was dead. ‘Suddenly I became aware of the pain and it brought me back. At that moment I realised that the mouth guard had shattered again, and I was alive.’ Blaine’s friends have now refused to help him perform the stunt, which he has performed three times since 2010, but he still wants to include it in his upcoming world tour so there’s hope for some of us to score some points!

Cult leader Charles Manson was back in a central California prison on Saturday after a reported hospital stay for an unspecified medical problem. Manson, 82, was at California state prison, Corcoran, said Jeffrey Callison, a spokesman for the state department of corrections and rehabilitation. “We never stated he was anywhere else,” Callison said in an email. “Medical privacy laws do not allow [the department] to discuss inmates’ medical issues, if any.” The department has declined to comment on reports from TMZ and the Los Angeles Times that earlier in the week Manson was taken to a hospital in Bakersfield, 60 miles south of the prison. While the prison has medical facilities, California prisoners generally are sent to outside hospitals if they need “surgical services, emergency care, or diagnostic services of an acute nature”, Joyce Hayhoe, a spokeswoman for the federal receiver who controls prison medical care, said on Tuesday. Manson is serving a life sentence for orchestrating the 1969 murders of the actor Sharon Tate, who was pregnant, and six others in southern California.

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Last Week’s Birthdays

Bradley Cooper (42), Diane Keaton (71), Robert Duvall (86), Mel Gibson (61), Cuba Gooding Jr. (49), Frank Langella (79), Marilyn Manson (48), Jeremy Renner (46), Nicholas Cage (53), Julia Ormond (52), Tia Carrere (50), Michael Stipe (57), Rowan Atkinson (62), Kenny Loggins (69), Danny Coleman (85), Verne Troyer (48), Vinnie Jones (52) and Lewis Hamilton (32).

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Dead Pool 1st January 2017

Welcome all, let’s start off the last Newsletter of the year by handing out the final points. Millie gets 54 points for Richard Adams. Toby and Laura get 55 for Liz Smith whist I myself finally score with her as my Woman for 155. Unbelievably, Alex & Eliza had Carrie Fisher down as their Woman, 190 points! How did they know???

So, as you will see from the leader board, I can now officially declare that Laura has won the title of Angel of Death 2016! A whopping 654 points, which is an all time record for us here at

I’d like to also add a huge thank you for everyone who has taken part in 2016 and also for the generous donations we’ve received. We have more than covered the running costs so there will be a prize for 2017, either a cash pot or a deadly gift, all depends if something suitable crops up during the year. Let me wish you all good luck for 2017 and keep those Klaxxons coming, you’re usually quicker that TMZ!

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In Other News 

The Queen may miss the annual New Year’s Day church service at Sandringham after Buckingham Palace said the 90-year-old could still be too unwell to attend. A spokeswoman said: “The Queen is continuing to recover from her heavy cold and is still in the residence of Sandringham. We probably will not know what is happening until the morning.” The monarch has not been seen in public for 11 days since she and Prince Philip caught heavy colds, forcing them to cancel the traditional train journey to their north Norfolk estate for Christmas. Instead, the royal couple were flown directly from the palace by helicopter, with the Queen missing the Christmas Day service at St Mary Magdalene church for the first time in 28 years. Philip, 95, was well enough to go to the 25th December service with Prince Charles, Prince Harry and other family members before reportedly joining the traditional Boxing Day pheasant shoot. This comes after a tweet from a fake BBC News account claimed that The Queen had died; the palace was forced to issue a statement confirming she was still alive but a 24 hour media blackout before the New Years Honours List and her stepping down from being a patron to 25 high profile charities only exacerbated the rumours.

Talking about tweets, Sony Music has said sorry to pop star Britney Spears, after an official Twitter account suggested the pop star had died. The entertainment firm quickly removed the hoax tweets, saying its global account had been “compromised” but that the situation had “been rectified”. Sony added it “apologises to Britney Spears and her fans for any confusion”. The 35-year-old did not react directly to the tweet, but her manager confirmed the singer was “fine and well”. As well Sony’s Twitter account, the official account of Bob Dylan also appears to have been hacked. It tweeted: “Rest in peace @britneyspears” around the time of the fake Sony tweets. After the tweets were published, a group called OurMine appears to have gained access to the Sony Music account and pointed out the security breach. It is not clear whether it was also responsible for the original false messages.

Former football star Paul Gascoigne was taken to hospital after an alcohol-fuelled fight at a hotel, it has been reported. Mr Gascoigne, 49, was “racially abusing” customers at the Ace Hotel in Shoreditch, east London, and throwing money at them, according to a witness. The Metropolitan Police said officers were called to a disturbance at the hotel shortly after 6pm on Tuesday before a 49-year-old man was taken to hospital with a head injury. Witness Alvin Carpio said the former England and Newcastle United striker, who has long-battled alcoholism, appeared “very drunk” during the altercation. He tweeted: “Gazza has just been kicked down the stairs by a guy whose friend got slapped by him. He really isn’t in a good place. “It’s a sad state: He’s been spitting, making racist remarks & groping women, all while throwing around £ notes. “He was racially abusing my mates, and hitting one of them on the shoulder and head before throwing a £20 note on him.” Mr Gascoigne’s spokesman, Terry Baker, said the troubled star had been taken to hospital with a head wound. Mr Baker added: “He hasn’t been arrested. He’s about to be released and sent home.” Mr Gascoigne was fined £1,000 at Dudley Magistrates’ Court in September after racially abusing a bodyguard who was employed to protect him. Twat….

Ex-world champion Ricky Hatton says he tried to kill himself on several occasions in a battle with depression. The Briton also talked about the need for boxers to get more help after retiring, when he appeared on BBC Radio 4’s Today show. “I tried to kill myself several times,” said Hatton, 38, who retired in 2012. “I used to go to the pub, come back, take the knife out and sit there in the dark crying hysterically.” Hatton, who previously spoke to the BBC in 2011 about attempted suicide and depression, won the world light-welterweight and welterweight titles. He was stripped of his licence to box in 2010 after admitting using cocaine and retired the next year before fighting once more. He is now a promoter and trainer. He continued: “There were times when I hadn’t had a drink for days and I’d still come home and if something went through my mind I’d start pondering something. It was the same outcome whether I was having a drink or wasn’t having a drink. “But in the end I thought I’ll end up drinking myself to death because I was so miserable. “I was coming off the rails with my drinking and that led to drugs. It was like a runaway train.”  Hatton feels “more should be done for boxers” with depression, with ex-world champions Tyson Fury and Frank Bruno among other Britons to have suffered with the illness.

A post-mortem examination into the cause of George Michael’s death was “inconclusive” police have said. The star died aged 53 on Christmas Day at his home in Goring-on-Thames, Oxfordshire. More tests will now be carried out to determine what led to his death, Thames Valley Police said in a statement. The results of these tests are unlikely to be known for several weeks. Michael’s death is still being treated as unexplained but not suspicious. South Central Ambulance Service were called to Michael’s property at 13:42 GMT on 25th December and the singer was confirmed dead at the scene. Thames Valley Police also attended. Michael’s partner Fadi Fawaz said he had found the singer lying “peacefully in bed”. He told the media: “I went round there to wake him up and he was just gone. We don’t know what happened yet.” Michael’s manager, Michael Lippman, said the singer had died of heart failure. Michael, who was born Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou in north London, sold more than 100 million albums throughout a career spanning almost four decades. Charities and individuals lined up to pay tribute to George following his death and also reveal stories of generosity. A close friend predicted that he will have donated some or all of his future song royalties to charity. He said: “If he did something like this it means the good causes would receive a yearly boost from George even after his death. It is just the kind of thing he would do because he was so generous.” Sad loss…

The family of Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher are reportedly planning a joint memorial service. The Singin’ In The Rain star, 84, died from a suspected stroke on Wednesday, while grieving for her daughter Fisher, who died just a day earlier. Fisher, 60, best known for her role as Princess Leia in the Star Wars series, died after suffering a heart attack on a flight from London to Los Angeles. Reynolds’ son said: “It’s what we want to do, but we’re still working on the mechanics. “We like the idea, if it’s at all possible. I think it’s appropriate.” Mr Fisher announced his mother’s death on Wednesday, revealing that her last words were: ‘I want to be with Carrie”. He confirmed to US network ABC News that there is currently no date or location for the mother-daughter funeral, but plans are in process.

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Last Week’s Birthdays

Jared Leto (45), Maggie Smith (82), Denzel Washington (62), Ellie Goulding (30), LeBron James (32), Tiger Woods (41), Annie Lennox (62), Anthony Hopkins (79), Sissy Spacek (67),  Ben Kingsley (73), Sienna Miller (35), Jon Voight (78), Ted Danson (69), Eliza Dushku (36), Jude Law (44), Marianne Faithfull (70), Val Kilmer (57), John Amos (77), Mary Tyler Moore  (80), Shane MacGowan (59), Patti Smith (70), Gerard Depardieu (68), Tracy Ullman (57), Lars Ulrich (53), Helena Christensen (48), Stan Lee (94), Noomi Rapace (37), Michael Nesmith (74), Masi Oka (42), Danny McBride (40) and Jay Kay (47).

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Dead Pool 2016 Review

2016 is over and we now have a winner! Congratulations to Laura, she scored a whopping 654 points and wins the coveted title of Angel of Death 2016! A small prize will be winging its way to you once it arrives from Satan, or the extremely talented Sarai as we know her!!

So, let’s have a look at 2016; it does seem that there have been a lot of celebrity deaths, but when you look back to 2015, there were just as many notable demises and just as many recognisable faces, although this last week in December was a tad brutal.

2017 might see as many again, as what seems to be the culprit is that it’s much easier to become a celebrity nowadays.

So lets have a look at some of the celebrities we lost during 2016…

The Dead Pool Review of the Year   


Abe Vigoda, Cecil Parkinson, Terry Wogan, Glen Frey, Sheila Sim, David Bowie, David Margulies, Alan Rickman, Dan Haggerty, Omis Clay, Ed Stewart, Lemmy, Natalie Cole, Wayne Rogers.


Frank Kelly, Tony Burton, Boutros Boutros-Ghali, Harper Lee, Umberto Eco, George Gaynes, Margaret Forster, Maurice White.


Rob Ford, Johan Cruyff, Garry Shandling, Sylvia Anderson, Nancy Reagan, Paul Daniels, George Martin, Keith Emerson, George Kennedy.


Victoria Wood, Prince, Howard Marks, David Gest, Gareth Thomas, Amber Rayne, Erik Bauersfeld, Patty Duke, Ronnie Corbett.


Burt Kwouk, Susannah Mushatt Jones, Jonathan Cainer, Barry Howard.


Anton Yeltsin, Jo Cox, Harambe, Carla Lane, Muhammad Ali, Dave Swarbrick.

July, August & September

J.T. McNamara, Jerry Doyle, Vivian Gray, John Pigeon, John McMartin, Gladys Hooper, Caroline Ahern, Michael Cimino.

Joao Havelange, Padraig Duggan, Gerald Grosvenor – The Duke of Westminster, Kenny Baker, Barry  Jenner, David Huddleston.

Bill Nunn, Alexis Arquette, Prince Buster, Gene Wilder.


Pete Burns, Bobby Vee, Raine Spencer, Jean Alexander, Bhumibol Adulyadej, Jean Shepard, Shimon Peres, Ann Emery.


Florence Henderson, Fidel Castro, Ron Glass, David Hamilton, Leon Russell, Leonard Cohen, Jimmy Young, Robert Vaughn, Curly Putman, John Carson.


Zsa Zsa Gabor, Rick Parfitt, Carrie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds, Ian McCaskill, Michael Nicholson, Henry Heimlich, Peter Vaughan, Greg Lake, John Glenn, A.A. Gill, Andrew Sachs, Margaret Rhodes, George Michael, Liz Smith, Richard Adams.

Dead pool 25th December 2016

Welcome to the penultimate edition of The Dead Pool Newsletter 2016! We have points to award, Zsa Zsa has finally been released from her long wait. It would probably be easier for me to list who didn’t have her, but since 19 people had her listed let’s just say well done to all of you, either 51 or 151 points awarded for those who did, just check the leader board to see the change in scores but no real change in positions.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank myself for producing this weekly monstrosity, even on Christmas Day! and if you feel the same, please donate towards the running costs on the website, everything is very much appreciated. As you will see, some very generous people have already set the ball in motion but please don’t feel like you have to, I know we all struggle at this time of year.

All that is left for me to say is, keep working on those lists for 2017, you have until 31st December to hand them in and I hope you all survive the Christmas overindulgence so that you can take part next year. As you will see from this week’s league table, you might want to think a little longer on who you decide your Big Three will be. All of the top scorers have had at least two of their biggies drop, so make sure to take this advantage yourselves in 2017!

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In Other News 

Carrie Fisher, who played Princess Leia in the Star Wars films, is in intensive care after suffering a heart attack during a flight, her brother says. Fisher, 60, went into cardiac arrest minutes before the end of the London to LA flight. Passengers attempted to revive her with CPR and she was taken to hospital when the plane landed after midday local time. “If everyone could just pray for her that would be good,” her brother Todd said. “The doctors are doing their thing and we don’t want to bug them. We are waiting by patiently.” Fisher had been on tour promoting her latest book, The Princess Diarist. The heart attack happened about 15 minutes before the plane landed in LA, a medic who was travelling on the plane administered CPR. Paramedics then spent a further 15 minutes administering more CPR to Fisher before getting a pulse, TMZ reported. The actress was on a ventilator in the UCLA medical centre. A law enforcement official told NBC that her condition was “not good”.

The Queen missed the traditional Christmas day church service at Sandringham for the first time in almost 30 years as she continues to fight a heavy cold, Buckingham Palace said. The 90-year-old monarch has attended the annual service ever since the Royal family began visiting Sandringham in 1988. Before then, the family stayed at Windsor for Christmas. This morning, Prince Charles, The Duchess of Cornwall, the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Harry, the Earl of Wessex and Prince Andrew were seen making their way from Sandringham House to the service. Hundreds of no-lifers had gathered outside the church, with some assholes arriving before dawn. The Queen and Prince Philip, 95, were stuck down with colds earlier this week and had to delay the departure of their holiday by 24 hours. Buckingham Palace revealed on Wednesday the royal couple had both come down with “ heavy colds”, leading to the last minute postponement of their annual trip. While the Queen usually takes the train every year to her Norfolk estate, the pair made the 100-mile journey by helicopter, with Royal aides suggesting that it had turned out to be the most practical method of travelling at short notice.

Two-time Wimbledon champion Petra Kvitova has been injured by a knife-wielding attacker, believed to be a burglar, at her home in the Czech Republic. Kvitova, 26, was stabbed in the left hand when she tried to defend herself but her injuries are not life-threatening. She tweeted: ‘In my attempt to defend myself, I was badly injured on my left hand. I am shaken, but fortunate to be alive.’  Kvitova was attacked this morning in the town of Prostejov in the east of the country, which is home to a national tennis academy. Prostejov police spokesman Frantisek Korinek said the attacker, who was aged about 35, escaped from the house and a manhunt is under way.  Kvitova tweeted: ‘The injury is severe and I will need to see specialists, but if you know anything about me I am strong and I will fight this. Thank you all again for your love and support.’

On This Day


Last Week’s Birthdays

Brad Pitt (53), Katie Holmes (38), Jake Gyllenhall (36), Alyssa Milano (44), Kiefer Sutherland (50),  Jane Fonda (79), Samuel L. Jackson (68), Ralph Fiennes (54), Eddie Vedder (52), Ricky Martin (45), Vanessa Paradis (44), Steven Spielberg (70), Christina Aguilera (36), Keith Richards (73), Ray Liotta (62), Johan Hill (33), Stephanie Meyer (43), Steve Austin (52), Jennifer Beals (53), Phil Donahue (81), Chris Evert (62), Carla Bruni (49), and Kirsty Swanson (47).

Next week peeps!