The Rules

Here are the rules for those of you who are new to the Dead Pool or if you’ve forgotten. As per usual, the closing date is the 31st of December to submit your entries. You can enter by emailing your list to or by filling in this webform.

You need to choose:

  • 10 Famous people who are going to peg it,


  • 1 Dead Cert, 1 Woman, 1 Maverick

So all in all, a list of 13 different individuals that should look like this example, which is my list from 2011.

  • Your Name
  1. Ariel Sharon
  2. Billy Graham
  3. Ian Brady
  4. Otto Von Habsburg
  5. Eli Wallach
  6. Maureen O’Hara
  7. Ernest Borgnine
  8. Olivia De Havilland
  9. Ray Bradbury
  10. Mikhail Kalashnikov
  • Cert – Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi
  • Woman – Aretha Franklin
  • Maverick – Ian Huntley

Just to clarify, your Dead Cert can be anyone who you feel is guaranteed to bite the bullet. Your Woman must be of the female gender and your Maverick should be anyone under the age of 50 who is not expected to die. So your Maverick can’t have a terminal illness nor work in a dangerous job for instance. Also, if your Maverick turns 51 before they die, you will score nothing!

Now onto the point scoring rules. We take the deceased age into consideration. What you will score is their age at death taken away from 150. So Michael Jackson, who was 50 when he died, would have scored you 100 points. The first death of the year will receive an extra 50 points, the rest thereafter just get the age points. Each of your Big Three will score an astounding 100 points each plus the age points, so make sure you think long and hard so that you can achieve those dizzying high scores! And I think it goes without saying that you are not allowed to cheat by killing the people on your list.

The definition of a famous person is that they must be listed on Wikipedia’s obituary page, so there is no need to limit yourselves to celebs, although there is no reason why you should not. Although this should not have to be mentioned, anyone caught ‘accidentally’ murdering anyone on their list will be disqualified and reported to the Flying Monkeys.

Prizes? If you win, you will receive the Angel of Death Trophy. It’s an ugly thing to have on your mantlepiece, but it’s worth £50 and is certainly a conversation piece.

As always, if you feel uncomfortable with your name name being made somewhat public within our sick little group, tough titties!

We now have a Telegram group that you really should join for the weekly updates and death klaxons. For those who don’t want to join the group, I will email you once a week with an update, however I urge you to join the Telegram group as the whole point is that we all interact with each other and have a bit of a laugh. You will be invited to this group once you submit a list.

If you know of anyone who might like to join in, just forward these rules and let them know to email me at with the title Dead Pool and they will be added to the mailing list.

To clarify, this is a dictatorship not a democracy. The Dead Pool Master has utter and total control over the rules and how the game is played and may enforce their will in any way they see fit.