Dead Pool 7th April 2013


Welcome one and all to the first newsletter of April! The months are running by quickly and many of us have scored well already, but don’t dishearten if you’re stuck on a duck, plenty of time to catch up.

No points to be awarded this week, unless I have missed something, but missing the oldest person in Europe was a gimme, you must all be playing the tactical points game. I suppose missing Roger Ebert, who famously had thyroid cancer, just goes to show how un-Americanised we all are, which is a good thing. I’m sure none of us would have missed Barry Norman if he was in the same situation.

Look who you could have had:

In other news

imagesUnless you were living on Mars, you will not have failed to see that Mick Philpott, the father who murdered six of his own children in a manic plot to try regain control of his welfare payments and his estranged wifelet got 15 years for his heinous crime. This is why I’m voting for him to be this weeks Cunt That Should’ve Died! Of course, 15 years for killing six innocents is woefully inadequate, we all know of instances of ‘justice’ being miscarried, but if you share a film online you face getting a stiffer term in jail than Philpott. I think we should also add the Daily Mail and the Tory party to the Cuntage too for suggesting that all large families on welfare are the same, but what do you expect of people so far up their own arses they could bite their own stone cold hearts. Luckily prison isn’t a nice place for child killers, perhaps we should remember to put Philpott on next years lists.

images-1On a lighter note, South Africa’s saviour, Nelson Mandela, has improved somewhat and has been allowed to go home. Are we sure he’s going home to get better or have they simply put him on their version of the Liverpool Care Pathway? Let’s hope he has a few more months yet, we can still get the points in December.

UnknownAs you know we don’t allow animals to be picked for our lists but I do sometimes include a famous animal in the newsletter if they pass away. Luckily this years Grand National race didn’t claim any horsy lives, but there has been plenty of uproar anyway. I don’t have a view either way, but if I was in a similar horsy situation, I’d much rather have to race a few times a year than end up in a dog food tin, or even a Findus lasagne. I know, these lame horse jokes are getting a bit stale… Anyhow, well done anyone who picked Auroras Encore at 66/1, just remember your amazing Dead Pool Newsletter compiler if you’re feeling generous.

A few celebrity birthdays for you to celebrate if you so wish to do so:

Russell Crowe (49), Jackie Chan (59), Francis Ford Coppola (74), James Garner (85), Wayne Rogers (80) and Ted Kotcheff (82).

I hope I can be as sprightly as Jackie Chan at the age of 59!!!

2013 League Table


Next week peeps!

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