Dead Pool 4th December 2016


Welcome all to the first Dead Pool Newsletter of December!!! As per usual, I do a bit of housekeeping and go through each of your lists with a fine tooth-comb and award points for all those dead people I missed throughout the year. I thought I’d been rather good at not missing anyone, however, I was very wrong! But before we get onto that, lets congratulate Julia for getting Margaret Rhodes for 59 points!

  • Apologies to Julie and Martin, both guessed that TV Presenter Cliff Michelmore would die this year, 56 points each.
  • Apologies also go to Alex & Eliza, the musician Scotty Moore died back in June, another 66 points awarded!
  • Apologies to Laura, actress Lupita Tovar died in November at the age of 106, but she also listed her as her Woman, so 144 points!
  • Apologies to Wombat, who correctly guessed cinematographer Douglas Slocombe who died at the age of 103 back in February.
  • Apologies to Luke, chemist Adam Bielañski died in September at the age of 103.

Points awarded all round!! So, that changed a few positions on the league table with only four weeks to go!!!  I hope I don’t need to remind you that you should be working on your list for 2017!!

Look Who You Could Have Had:

In Other News

BuzzBuzz Aldrin, the second man on the Moon, has been evacuated from the South Pole after falling ill. The 86-year-old former astronaut was visiting Antarctica in a tourist group and was evacuated to New Zealand. He has fluid in his lungs but is responding well to treatment, a statement on his website said. He is being kept overnight for observation. Mr Aldrin’s manager Christina Korp, who accompanied him, said he was in good spirits. She described the last 24 hours as “gruelling”, posting a picture on Twitter of Mr Aldrin giving the thumbs up while being lifted on a stretcher.

Barry BennellEx-youth football coach Barry Bennell, who is at the centre of a sex abuse scandal, has been taken to hospital after being found unconscious. The convicted sex offender was found at an address in Knebworth Park, Stevenage on Friday, Thames Valley Police said. The force said it was called to a “fear for welfare” incident and the 62-year-old was still in hospital. Bennell was named last week by several former footballers who alleged they were abused as children. Five police forces are now investigating claims of historical abuse. Bennell, who also worked for Manchester City, Stoke and junior teams in north-west England and the Midlands, was given a four-year sentence for raping a British boy on a football tour of Florida in 1994 and a nine-year sentence in 1998 for 23 offences against six boys in England. He was jailed for a third time in 2015 after admitting abusing a boy at a 1980 football camp in Macclesfield. Bennell was said to have moved out of his home in Milton Keynes when the new allegations came to light.

kanye-westKanye West is reportedly back at home more than a week after he was admitted to hospital with exhaustion. According to multiple reports in the US, the rapper left UCLA Medical Centre in Los Angeles with wife Kim Kardashian and his doctor, Michael Farzam. The 39-year-old was admitted to hospital last Monday suffering from “temporary psychosis due to sleep deprivation and dehydration”. The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) responded to a report of a disturbance last week but later said it was a “medical emergency”. The rapper was admitted to hospital a day after he cancelled his Saint Pablo tour after a series of rants on-stage.

MoranoAnd finally, Emma Morano, who just turned 117 years old, says she doesn’t want to celebrate her birthday, but people came from all over the world to see her anyway. When she was born, Umberto I was still reigning over Italy, Fiat had only just been established and Milan Football Club was still a few weeks off creation. Looking back on a life which has not only spanned three centuries but also survived an abusive marriage which started with blackmail, the loss of her only son and a diet which most would describe as anything but balanced. Ms Morano, the oldest of eight siblings, all of whom she has outlived, was born on 29th November 1899 in the Piedmont region of Italy. This year, she officially became the world’s oldest living woman after American Susannah Mushatt Jones died in May. She is also officially the last person still living born in the 1800s. Ms Morano’s longevity, she admits, is partly down to genetics – her mother reached 91 and several sisters reached their centenary – and partly, she says, down to a rather unusual diet of three eggs – two raw – each day for more than 90 years. It was a regime she took up as a young woman, after the doctor diagnosed her with anaemia shortly after World War One. These days, she has cut down to just two eggs a day, and a few biscuits. Let’s all wish her a very happy birthday!

On This Day

  • 1791 – The first edition of The Observer, the world’s first Sunday newspaper, is published.
  • 1872 – The crewless American ship Mary Celeste is found by the Canadian brig Dei Gratia. The ship had been abandoned for nine days but was only slightly damaged.
  • 1954 – The first Burger King is opened in Miami.


Last Week’s Birthdays

Ben Stiller (51), Woody Allen (81), Ozzy Osbourne (68), Julianne Moore (56), Don Cheadle (52), Britney Spears (35), Jon Stewart (54), Bette Midler (71), Ed Harris (66), Randy Newman (73), Joel Cohen (62), Lucy Liu (48), Billy Idol (61), Mandy Patinkin (64), Amanda Seyfried (31), Ridley Scott (79), Nelly Furtado (38), Brendan Fraser (48), Bill Nye (61), Judd Nelson (57), Diane Ladd (84), Tom Sizemore (55) and Daryl Hannah (56).

Next week peeps!

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