Dead Pool 11th December 2016

Welcome all, a short and sweet edition hits the press! No points to be awarded this week but if things     were slightly different, one of next years contestants would have close to 300 points already!!!! So this should show you how hard you should be trying to make sure your list hits the top spot next year!

Look Who You Could Have Had:

In Other News 

One of Jared Leto’s L.A. homes was the scene of a panic Friday evening that had firefighters searching the grounds. LAFD says it got a call to the residence in Laurel Canyon because someone smelled smoke. We’re told everyone inside the house had been evacuated by the time firefighters arrived and started going through the 50,000 sq. ft complex. Good news for Jared — who was home at the time, we’re told — firefighters found nothing burning. No fire. No damage. No messy insurance claims. No deaths. Win-win-win-boo.

Batman star Val Kilmer has been seen struggling to speak with a severely swollen tongue – after denying he has cancer. Last month, Val clarified rumours around his health, but now the actor shocked an audience in LA on Thursday night when he had  trouble speaking. The 56 year old took to the stage to explain that his tongue and swollen and he was still recovering. He didn’t explain what caused the swelling and dabbed saliva from his mouth while he joked with the audience. The actor explained that he’s had to cancel his tour of his one-man play version of Twain. Earlier this month, Michael Douglas — who beat stage 4 oral cancer in 2013 — was speaking at a Q&A in London when he talked about Val battling oral cancer. “Things don’t look too good for him,” the 72 year old said.

On This Day


Last Week’s Birthdays

Jay Z (47), Marisa Tomei (54), Judd Apatow (49), Nicki Minaj (34), John Malkovich (63), Judi Dench (82), Tyra Banks (43), Jeff Bridges (67), Kim Basinger (63), Kirk Douglas (100), Ann Coulter (55), Teri Hatcher (52), Dominic Monaghan (40), Kenneth Branagh (56), Beau Bridges (75), Sinead O’Connor (50), Donny Osmond (59), Margaret Cho (48), Little Richard (84), Frankie Muniz (31) and Nicole Appleton (42).

Next week peeps!

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