Dead Pool 2nd April 2017

Yet another week lacking of celebrity news, and let’s be honest, the celebrity deaths are pretty much names you may have heard in passing at best. Shall we unleash the evil flying monkeys?

Look Who You Could Have Had:

In Other News 

Linda Nolan has opened about about her fears following her secondary breast cancer diagnosis. The 58-year-old star recently confirmed the devastating news that she had breast cancer for the second time and that the disease was incurable. Speaking about the diagnosis, Linda admitted: “I am really scared, I don’t want to die. All my little nieces and nephews, my step-children and step-grandchildren, they are my life now because I never had children. “I want to grow old with my family. There is so much I want to do. I have to be positive and make sure I do.” Linda revealed that, although doctors had told her that the cancer was incurable, some people living with the same disease can live for up to 20 years. “I’m not going to be dying from cancer,” she insisted. “I’m going to be living with cancer if that’s what I have to do.” This is Linda’s second battle with breast cancer after she was first diagnosed with the disease back in 2007. While she was fighting the shattering illness, her husband of 27 years, Brian Hudson, lost his battle with skin cancer.

A missing Indonesian man was found  dead inside the body of a python, according to local police. Akbar went missing on Sunday on the island of Sulawesi, after leaving to harvest palm oil. In the search for the 25-year-old, police told BBC Indonesian that they had found a huge snake they suspected had swallowed the man. The reticulated python, reported to be 7m (23ft)-long, was cut open and the man’s body was found. Video shot by police showed the snake being cut open with a long knife, slowly revealing the man’s clothed body. Reticulated pythons are among the world’s longest reptiles and suffocate their victims before swallowing them whole. Pythons rarely kill and eat humans, although there are occasional reports of them swallowing young children or pets.

On This Day


Last Week’s Birthdays

Mackenzie Davis (30), Ali MacGraw (78), Ewan McGregor (46), Christopher Walken (74), Rhea Perlman (69), Richard Chamberlain (83), Warren Beatty (80), Robbie Coltrane (67), Céline Dion (49), Kenneth Welsh (75), Eric Clapton (72), Lucy Lawless (49), Brendan Gleeson (62), Marina Sirtis (62), Christopher Lambert (60), Elle Macpherson (53), Eric Idle (74), Nick Frost (45), Julia Stiles (36), Vince Vaughn (47), Lady Gaga (31), Dianne Wiest (72), Chris Barrie (57), Quentin Tarantino (54), Nathan Fillion (46), Mariah Carey (48), Jessie J (29), Julian Glover (82), Fergie (42), Michael York (75), Keira Knightley (32), Jennifer Grey (57), James Caan (77), Diana Ross (73), Steven Tyler (69) and Martin Short (67).

Next week peeps!

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