Dead Pool 26th March 2017

Welcome all, another week  goes by and we have a few  points to dispense. Luke scores 49  points with the demise of the man who not so secretly ruled the world, David Rockefeller and Sylvia scores 84 points with the welcomed death of ‘former’ terrorist Martin McGuinness. There’s not much in the way of news this week, but we do have a new points leader and some fun stories.

Look Who You Could Have Had:

In Other News

In what we would all call a non-news event, headlined “Prince William’s air ambulance in near-miss with drone”, an air ambulance regularly piloted by the Duke of Cambridge ‘narrowly avoided’ a mid-air crash with a drone, a report by the BBC said. UK Airprox Board investigators said the Eurocopter 145, used by the East Anglian Air Ambulance, missed the remote-controlled machine “by chance”. There had been “high risk” of a crash, “endangering the EC145 and its crew” over a busy area, the report said. Prince William was not in the aircraft at the time but the East Anglian Air Ambulance (EAAA) said it had been flown repeatedly by the royal during his work for the service. So, in conclusion, a helicopter that didn’t contain Prince William, didn’t crash into a drone. I would also imagine that a drone made of plastic weighing around 2lbs wouldn’t cause much damage to a two ton helicopter with enough downdraft to shift nearly 8 tons. Think of a fly hitting your windscreen on the motorway if said fly wasn’t blown off course to begin with. Thank goodness that William survived!!!

The Mirror tried to shock readers with A MORBID website that has correctly predicted three celebrity deaths in 2017 – with 47 other famous faces remaining on the list for the next nine months. The death of world-renowned banker David Rockefeller is the third correctly predicted by a chilling website. He joins rugby legend Joost van der Westhuizen and American actress Mary Tyler Moore among the celebs to leave this year. A host of much-loved names make up the rest of the list – including Bruce Forsyth, Vera Lynn and even the Queen. But it is not just the famous faces we love and admire who make up the list no one wants to be on. “The Death List 2017” also predicts that Zimbabwe’s dictator Robert Mugabe and Moors murderer Ian Brady won’t make it until the end of the year. It seems to have picked its list based on celebrities who are either in their 80s or 90s or known to be suffering from ill health. The site has since been slammed by MediaWatch-UK. A spokesman said: “The idea of an annual Deathlist is not only morose and insensitive but I imagine deeply upsetting for the individuals named in it and their families. “While an awareness of our mortality can have the positive effect of helping us to live each day to its fullest; this list seems to delight in making accurate predictions about another human’s demise. In some cases, forum comments openly welcome certain celebrity deaths. Only three correct predictions? Phhht! They should have covered us!

On This Day


Last Week’s Birthdays

Lee Pace (38), Sarah Jessica Parker (52), Elton John (70), Jessica Chastain (40), Lara Flynn Boyle (46), Jim Parsons (43), Alyson Hannigan (42), Kelly LeBrock (56), Mary BerryBrad Dourif(82), Amanda Plummer (60), Reese Witherspoon (41), William Shatner (86), Gary Oldman (59), Matthew Broderick (55), Jaye Davidson (49), Timothy Dalton (73), Holly Hunter (59), David Thewlis (54), William Hurt (67), Spike Lee (60), Carl Reiner (95), Freema Agyeman (37), Jane March (44), Theresa Russell (60), John de Lancie (69), Bruce Willis (62), Glenn Close (70), Ursula Andress (81) and Brad Dourif (67).

Next week peeps!

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