Dead Pool 23rd June 2024

No points to award this week, but a few names and stories to read below. Since we are having website trouble again, I’ll email the newsletters until the SSL issues are resolved. 

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In Other News

A London theatregoer has described the moment Sir Ian McKellen fell off stage and into her lap, saying she “went into shock.” Johanna Dart was attending a production of Player Kings at the Noel Coward Theatre in London’s West End on Monday evening when the Lord of the Rings star lost his footing during a fight scene and fell off the stage into the front row where she was sitting. Dart told the Flying Monkeys: “Getting crushed by Gandalf the Grey, that’s something you don’t expect.” She recalled that the 85-year-old theatrical knight appeared to trip on a prop on stage before falling and landing head-first on her knees. She added she had been enjoying the show immensely up until that moment. Charlie Johnson, a journalist for the Kingston Courier who was in the audience, told us: “As we approached the interval of the play, there was a fight scene going on. “There were strobe lights and then it all went dark, at which point you could see the silhouette of Sir Ian come out from the wings. And the way the stage works at the Noel Coward, there’s sort of a step down just as the stage meets the audience. I think what happened was he put his foot too far, sort of went off that initial step, at which point he lost his balance and pretty much just went head-first into the audience. And within seconds a blood-curdling scream arose from the actor. He was clearly in a lot of pain, he was screaming, ‘Help me.’” Straight after the incident, McKellen was treated by paramedics and taken to hospital. The following two evening’s performances were cancelled, and it has now been announced he will not be returning to the production. Dart went home with her family but also attended hospital later that night to ensure she has a record for her compensation claim. A statement by McKellen through his publicist Clair Dobbs said: “After three nights in hospital, the effects of my fall onstage have been fully analysed and I’m now having physiotherapy, light exercise and a lot of essential rest at home.  

A TV personality who was shot dead by her British oil tycoon husband in a murder-suicide loved to ‘party hard’ and seemed ‘happy’ in Turkey before she was killed, shocked friends  have revealed. Singer and comedian Victoria Vera Blyth, 40, was found dead after her husband David Thomas Blyth, 53, killed her before turning the gun on himself at their home in Turkey’s capital, Ankara, while their children were in the house on June 11. Friends of the couple yesterday claimed that the tragedy may have unfolded because Scottish-born Mr Blyth found out his wife was planning to leave him over his string of affairs. Ms Blyth is understood to have sent texts to friends telling them that she was unhappy  with her husband over his jealousy and ‘constant infidelities’ and return to her Czech Republic homeland. Her friends believe that the celebrity couple who were married for ten years could have had a furious row at their luxury villa after he translated her text messages showing her discussing her plans with her Czech friends. It was also claimed that controlling Blyth had allegedly become fed up with his ‘vivacious’ wife posting glamorous pictures of herself on Instagram, and had told her that it was unbecoming behaviour for the spouse of a senior executive. A Czech friend of Ms Blyth, who had three children with her husband and was known as Viky said: ‘Everyone was following her on Instagram, but a few months ago her profile suddenly disappeared. So I contacted Viky to find out what was going on. She told me that the husband did not want the wife of an influential businessman to present herself in this way. So, she complied and created a new profile, which she already had locked to the public, and stopped sharing her sexy photos. She explained that she was leaving her husband and children, that she wanted a life without infidelity and stress for the children… Who could have guessed that this decision would cost her her life and make three children orphans.’ Ms Blyth was a hugely popular figure in Czech showbiz circles, and presented the Morning Show on Europe 2 alongside  Czech broadcaster Leo Mare. 

Liverpool legend Alan Hansen has been released from hospital, having been admitted after falling seriously ill. “Alan has been discharged from hospital today to continue his recovery at home,” a statement from Liverpool FC read. “Alan, Janet, Adam, Lucy and family would like to thank everybody for their wonderful messages of love and support. It has been overwhelming and has helped enormously.” The former footballer, 69, was admitted in early June with figures from the footballing world rallying around. His former Liverpool and Scotland team-mate Graeme Souness had been in regular contact with Hansen’s family, providing updates on his chats with his close friend. “Anyone who’s met Alan Hansen, he has a wicked sense of humour so I’ve had two conversations with him in the last five, six days, both conversations were me on the receiving end of his humour, so that tells me he’s on the way back.” Souness had earlier indicated Hansen was on the mend following a phone conversation. And now there has been more positive news, with the defender allowed to return home. 

On This Day

  • 1868 – Christopher Latham Sholes received a patent for an invention he called the “Type-Writer”. 
  • 1972 – Watergate scandal: U.S. President Richard M. Nixon and White House Chief of Staff H. R. Haldeman are taped talking about illegally using the Central Intelligence Agency to obstruct the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s investigation into the Watergate break-ins. 
  • 1973 – A fire at a house in Hull, England, which kills a six-year-old boy is passed off as an accident; it later emerges as the first of 26 deaths by fire caused over the next seven years by serial arsonist Peter Dinsdale.
  • 2013 – Nik Wallenda becomes the first man to successfully walk across the Grand Canyon
  • on a tight rope.
  • 2016 – The United Kingdom votes in a referendum to leave the European Union, by 52% to 48%.


Central Coast Massacre Murderer Dies

Malcolm George Baker was an Australian spree killer from Terrigal, New South Wales, who died while serving six sentences of life imprisonment for the shooting massacre of seven people, including an unborn child, in Terrigal, Bateau Bay and Wyong on the evening of 27th October 1992, an event known as the Central Coast massacre. 

Baker had dated one of his victims, 23-year-old Kerry Gannon, for several years. She broke off the relationship about six weeks before the shootings. It was reported that a court had ordered Baker not to contact Gannon after their break up. Channel Nine television reported that authorities had revoked Baker’s weapon’s permit and confiscated a cache of weapons from him weeks prior after he allegedly harassed Gannon.

The shootings started at 9:12 p.m. at the Terrigal apartment of his ex-girlfriend Kerry Gannon and her younger sister Lisa Gannon. Baker used his shotgun to smash the front window. Twenty-two-year-old Christopher Gall, a friend of the sisters, was the first person shot, suffering a gunshot wound to the face. Baker then entered the house and shot Kerry Gannon dead. Moving through the house he shot dead Lisa, who was eight months pregnant; later efforts to save her unborn baby failed. Their father, Thomas Gannon, 43, who had been visiting for a few days, was found dead in the street. 

Baker then drove to the resort of Bateau Bay, where he arrived about ten minutes later, at the home of his 27-year-old son David. Baker shot his son through the back of his head. His body was discovered in the back yard of the home he shared with his wife and baby.

Baker then went to the home of Ross Smith, 35, and Leslie Read, 25, in Wyong, 15 kilometres north of Bateau Bay. Arriving there shortly before 10 p.m., he shot and critically injured Read, then finding Smith in the bathtub shot and killed him instantly. Read died two hours later in hospital. Smith and Baker had had a confrontation about two years prior, over a business deal gone sour.

At 11.00 p.m., Baker walked into Toukley police station, surrendered, and handed over a Sawed-off Remington 12-gauge double-barrelled shotgun. 

He was charged with six counts of murder and one count of attempted murder. 

On the 25th anniversary of the massacre, the mother of the killer’s ex-girlfriend, Ann Gannan, spoke out about her last encounter with him.

Baker, who was 43-years-old at the time, tried to run Ms Gannan over before making a chilling threat to her and her family.

‘Then he called out something like: “I’m going to take the lot of youse out,” and I really panicked then,’ she told in 2017.

‘I went back to Lisa and told her and we were all scared.’

She was right to be afraid of the unemployed mechanic, who went on his murder spree only weeks later.

‘He was the type of person that had to be in control. You’d just get a sense that something was amiss and if you see that you know trouble’s coming,’ she said.

‘I already knew it, I’d seen it in the girls. I’d seen the girls getting scared.’

Baker, 76, died in palliative care on Saturday while serving six life sentences.

Last Week’s Birthdays

Joel Edgerton (50), Melissa Rauch (44), Selma Blair (52), Bryan Brown (77), Frances McDormand (67), Meryl Streep (75), Lindsay Wagner (75), Bruce Campbell (66), Paterson Joseph (60), Kris Kristofferson (88), Tim Russ (68), Stephen Chow (62), Cyndi Lauper (71), Prunella Scales (92), Carrie Preston (57), Chris Pratt (45), Juliette Lewis (51), David Morrissey (60), Eve Harlow (35), Nicole Kidman (57), John Goodman (72), Christopher Mintz-Plasse (35), Lionel Richie (75), Miles O’Keeffe (70), Brian Wilson (82), Millie Gibson (20), Zoe Saldana (46), Kathleen Turner (70), Aidan Turner (41), Paula Abdul (62), Jacob Anderson (34), Richard Madden (38), Carol Kane (72), Isabella Rossellini (72), Paul McCartney (82), Will Forte (54), and Jodie Whittaker (42).

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