Dead Pool 7th July 2013


Welcome all, to another edition of the Dead Pool. Last week left us not in the mood for dancing as one of the most iconic afros of all time sadly died whilst he was electrocuted through his mouse whilst surfing for clowns that appeared in The Waltons. Who would have thought that this obscure turn of events would be so intrinsically linked to all the famous people who died during that week. The world certainly is a strange place!

For the next couple of weeks I’ll be taking a sabbatical from writing the Dead Pool, but fear not, I have lined up a couple of guest writers for you. So be kind and thankful to Liz and Sophie, who graciously answered my cries for help. They will either make me look like a complete amateur or end up tearing their hair out like I do most weekends.

Look who you could have had:

In other news

GazzaGazza seems to be falling off the rails once again, he was arrested for being drunk and allegedly hitting his ex-wife Sheryl. Nice one Gazza, great way to be the footballing hero you once were. Only a few weeks ago he promised the nation to quit drinking and mend his ways, looks like his personal demons are not going away any time soon, which leaves us with the possibility that the 46 year old alcoholic will make a good Maverick.  Sadly we might also need to keep an eye on Sheryl, you never know what he’s capable of…

Talking about football, you may have heard of the occurrence in Brazil where the referee stabbed a player for not accepting a red card. Then in an orgy of retaliatory violence the referee was stoned to death, quartered and beheaded with the fans leaving his head on a stake in the middle of the ground.  Well, I think the Premiership could do with something like this, it would certainly make those pansy’s earn their money with the threat of death hanging over them for falling over after feeling a gust of wind going by them.

4444Jeremy Bowen, the BBC reporter has been shot whilst covering the events in Egypt. He’s taken some shot to the head and leg, not very serious but still highlights the dangers that overseas reporters face. Here’s an interesting fact for you, last year 89 journalists were killed, 79 arrested, 1993 journalists threatened or physically attacked, 38 journalists kidnapped, 73 journalists fled their country, 6 media assistants killed, 47 netizens and citizen-journalists killed, and 144 bloggers and netizens arrested.  Maybe you should seriously think of a list consisting of journos next year, looks like it’s easy pickings.

I hear you demanding to know who’s had a birthday last week, well… Lindsey Lohan (27), Sylvester Stallone (67), Tom Cruise (51), Edie Falco (50), Larry David (66), Dalai Lama (78), 50 Cent (38), Ashley Tisdale (28), Dan Aykroyd (61), Debbie Harry (68) 68? 68!!, Liv Tyler (38), Mike Tyson (47), Huey Lewis (63), Carl Lewis (52), Jerry Hall (57), George W. Bush (67), Missy Elliott (42), Geoffrey Rush (62), Cheryl Cole (30), Nancy Reagan (92) still alive! Ned Beatty (76),  Bill Withers (75), Yeardley Smith (49), yes, Lisa Simpson is nearly 50!!!

2013 League Table


Next week peeps!

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