Dead Pool 8th September 2013


Hello all, another Sunday is upon us and a massive hangover here too. So please bear with me as I struggle to compile this week’s newsletter whilst popping painkillers and drinking pints of water. Not much to report, nobody has scored anything in a while, so I’m contemplating sending out the flying monkeys.

Look who you could have had:

In other news

george-bush-snr-pic-rex-features-858484931George Bush Snr had a senior moment, he prematurely sent a condolence email about the death of Nelson Mandela. Bit trigger happy there Mr Bush, he’s still very much alive, unless you know more about it that the rest of us! Keep that email on ice for a few days though, you can use it again.

Jack-NicholsonThe Oscar winning actor, Jack Nicholson, has announced his retirement from acting. In a statement released last week the 76 year old admitted he can no longer remember his lines. A great shame for such a screen presence, but as you know, people who retire usually die pretty soon after. Points anyone?

aids-advert-1980sHere’s a section of people to keep an eye on, for more than the usual reasons. US porn stars are falling foul of HIV, there have been five reported cases in the last few weeks and we all know that *insert ominous tune* AIDS kills you dead! I might have to undertake some research, for the dead pool you understand…

And finally, last weeks birthday’s: Beyonce Knowles (32), Keanu Reeves (49), Pippa Middleton (30), Charlie Sheen (48), Raquel Welch (73), Salma Hayek (47)!!!!, Damon Wayans (53), Michael Keaton (62), Lily Tomlin (74), Chrissie Hynde (62), Barry Gibb (67), Evan Rachel Wood (26), Gloria Estefan (56), Rose McGowan (40) and Idris Elba (41).

2013 League Table


Next week peeps!

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