Dead Pool 22nd April 2018

What a week! They seem to have  been falling like flies and a couple of surprise youngsters that would have qualified as Mavericks too! Anyhow, let’s dispense some points! Barbara Bush scores Shan and Dave 58 points each and Dave also scores again with the passing of Nabi Tajima and listed her as his Cert as did Julie, Paul C had her as his Woman, so 133 points each to them, also Lee had her as a norm, 33 points. So quite a few shifts in the league table, well done all of you! 

Look Who You Could Have Had:

In Other News

Eurovision winner Conchita Wurst says she is HIV positive, and has been receiving regular treatment for “several years”. The 29-year-old star said she had intended to keep the information private, but an ex-boyfriend had “threatened to go public”. “I will not give anyone the right to frighten me and influence my life,” she wrote on Instagram. “Coming out is better than being outed by a third party.” Wurst added that regular treatment had suppressed the virus to the extent it could no longer be detected in her blood – and could no longer be passed on. “I hope to give others courage and to take another step against the stigmatisation of people who, through their own behaviour or that of others, have become infected with HIV,” she added. So you could say that she doesn’t have HIV and this is not a real story.  

The world’s unofficial oldest man has died in Chile a week after he broke three ribs falling out of bed. He was believed to be 121. Celino Villaneuva Jaramillo was never recognised as the world’s official oldest man because he lost his birth certificate in a fire 22 years ago, when he was 99. But his state ID, which was hand-delivered by Chile’s justice minister two years ago, listed his birth year as 1896 and ministers said government records showed he was as old as he claimed. That birth date would have made him nine years older than the world’s official oldest man, 112-year-old Masazo Nonaka, from Japan; and four years the senior of the world’s oldest woman, another Japanese national called Nabi Tajima, who is 117. Jaramillo’s death at 121 also comes just shy of beating the record for oldest human who ever lived, set at age 122 by Frenchwoman Jeanne Calment, who died in 1997.  

Rachel Weisz has announced that she is expecting a baby with her husband Daniel Craig. The 48-year-old actress told the Dead Pool reporter they did not know the sex of the baby, saying: “We’re going to have a little human. We can’t wait to meet him or her. It’s all such a mystery.” As we all know, these pregnancies tend to be classed as high risk due to her age and may cause a plethora of problems for both mother and child. Let’s hope both make it. The Oscar-winning actress is currently promoting her new film Disobedience – based on Naomi Alderman’s book of the same name – in which she stars and has produced. 

And finally, the man in the UK who caught the world’s “worst-ever” case of super-gonorrhoea has been cured. He picked up the superbug having sex with a woman in South East Asia, despite having a British partner. It was the first-ever case of the infection being incurable with first choice antibiotics, but now two similar cases have been reported in Australia. The main antibiotic treatment – a combination of azithromycin and ceftriaxone – failed to treat the disease. Dr Olwen Williams, the president of the British Association for Sexual Health and HIV, said the case was a “major wake-up call for everybody”. She told the BBC: “He was very lucky that he still had one remaining antibiotic that was used successfully. There is no news as to whether the gentleman in question was dumped by his partner upon his return to the country. 

On This Day

  • 1945 – World War II: Führerbunker: After learning that Soviet forces have taken Eberswalde without a fight, Adolf Hitler admits defeat in his underground bunker and states that suicide is his only recourse.
  • 1992 – In a series of explosions in Guadalajara, Mexico, 206 people are killed, nearly 500 injured and 15,000 left homeless.  
  • 1993 – Eighteen-year-old Stephen Lawrence is murdered in a racially motivated attack while waiting for a bus in Well Hall, Eltham.


  • 1908 – Henry Campbell-Bannerman, Scottish-English merchant and politician, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (b. 1836)
  • 1933 – Henry Royce, English engineer and businessman, co-founded Rolls-Royce Limited (b. 1863)  
  • 1994 – Richard Nixon, American lieutenant, lawyer, and politician, 37th President of the United States (b. 1913)  
  • 2002 – Linda Lovelace, American porn actress and activist (b. 1949)

Last Week’s Birthdays

Toby Stephens (49), James McAvoy (39), Andie MacDowell (60), Charles Grodin (83), Tony Danza (67), Iggy Pop (71), Queen Elizabeth II (92), Andy Serkis (54), Clayne Crawford (40), Clint Howard (59), Jessica Lange (69), Carmen Electra (46), Ryan O’Neal (77), George Takei (81), Nicholas Lyndhurst (57), Michael Brandon (73), Leslie Phillips (94), James Franco (40), Kate Hudson (39), Tim Curry (72), Hayden Christensen (37), Ashley Judd (50), Maria Sharapova (31), David Tennant (47), Rick Moranis (65), Chloe Bennet (26), Edgar Wright (44), Hayley Mills (72), James Woods (71), Conan O’Brien (55), Rooney Mara (33), Jennifer Garner (46), Sean Bean (59), David Bradley (76), Victoria Beckham (44), Claire Foy (34), Ellen Barkin (64), Ruth Madoc (75), Emma Watson (28), Seth Rogen (36), Luke Evans (39), Emma Thompson (59), Maisie Williams (21) and Samantha Fox (52).

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