Dead Pool 12th February 2017

Afternoon poolers, today we have a points bonanza with the untimely death of Joost van der    Westhuizen, the following each get 105 points: Martin, Laura, Paul C, Dave, and Lee. However Shan had him as a Cert, so 205 points to her! Also, Sylvia correctly guessed that Tara Palmer-Tomkison would kick the bucket, so a further 105 points awarded! Well done all!!!

Look Who You Could Have Had:

In Other News

Chas Hodges, one half of music duo Chas & Dave, has cancer of the oesophagus. he 73-year-old will begin treatment “immediately” after the illness was caught “at an early stage”, the band said in a Facebook post. They added: “Chas recently underwent hospital tests which revealed cancer of the oesophagus. Luckily this has been spotted at an early stage and he’ll be undergoing treatment immediately.” The star “expects to be back out on the road with Dave” soon, but the duo have cancelled several dates scheduled across February. Performances at Potters Bar, Norwich and in Milton Keynes on February 17, 18 and 19 “will need to be rescheduled”. “Apologies to ticket-holders for the inconvenience. The venues themselves will advise regarding re-scheduling/refunds,” the statement added. The duo, famous for hits such as Gertcha and Rabbit, formed in the 1970s and are the creators of a musical style dubbed rockney – a mix of rock and cockney.

The Ukip leader, Paul Nuttall, has moved house because of fears for his personal safety, the party has said. Paul Oakden, Ukip’s chairman, said on Saturday that Nuttall’s house in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, where the Ukip leader is standing in the forthcoming byelection, had been targeted after the address was shared on social media. “Since the address of the house Paul Nuttall has been staying at during the Stoke-on-Trent Central campaign was published on social media there have been a series of concerning incidents at or around it,” Oakden said. “The most serious of these was two unknown men attempting to gain access to the house through a rear entrance. There has also been hate mail posted through the letterbox and other intrusive behaviour including trespassing in the private garden of the premises and attempts to take pictures through windows and the letterbox.”

Australian wicketkeeper Sam Harper was taken to hospital overnight after being struck on the head by a bat during a Sheffield Shield match. The Victoria player, 20, needed medical treatment after he was caught by the follow-through of a shot from South Australia batsman Jake Lehmann. Harper, who was wearing a helmet, later had a brain scan in hospital. “Scans have not identified any bleeding or bone damage,” a Cricket Victoria statement read. “However, he will remain in hospital overnight for observation.” In January, Melbourne Renegades wicketkeeper Peter Nevill was ruled out of the Big Bash tournament after he suffered a burst blood vessel when he was hit by a flying bat during his side’s win over Adelaide Strikers. Concussion in cricket, and the use of the bouncer, have been under increased scrutiny since November 2014 when Australia Test batsman Phillip Hughes died after being struck on the top of the neck by a ball while batting for South Australia during a Sheffield Shield game against New South Wales.

And finally, an Egyptian woman, believed to be the world’s heaviest woman at 500kg (78.5 stone), has arrived in Mumbai, India, for weight reduction surgery. The family of 36-year-old Eman Ahmed Abd El Aty said it was the first time she had left home for 25 years. She was flown on a chartered plane to Mumbai where bariatric surgeon Dr Muffazal Lakdawala plans to operate. The Indian embassy in Cairo initially denied her visa request as she was unable to travel there in person. If the claim about her weight is true, then that would make her the world’s heaviest woman alive as the current Guinness record holder is Pauline Potter of the United States who weighed 292kg in 2010. Ms Abd El Aty’s family says she weighed 5kg (11lb) at birth and was diagnosed with elephantiasis, a condition in which a limb or other body parts swell due to a parasitic infection, Dr Lakdawala told the BBC in a phone call from Mumbai. “They said when she was 11, she had gained immense weight because of which she could not stand up and would crawl. “And then she suffered a stroke which left her bedridden and she has not been able to leave home since then.” Dr Lakdawala believes that Ms Abd El Aty does not have elephantiasis, but suffers from obesity-related lymphoedema which causes gigantic swelling of legs. “She would need to remain in Mumbai for two to three months for the surgery and treatment after which she would be able to return home, but it would take two to three years to bring her body weight under 100kg,” the surgeon said.

On This Day


Last Week’s Birthdays

Ashton Kutcher (39), Jennifer Aniston (48), Burt Reynolds (81), Jennifer Jason Leigh (55), Cristiano Ronaldo (32), Elizabeth Banks (43), Damien Lewis (46), Chloe Grace Moretz (20), Laura Dern (50), Chris Rock (52), Garth Brooks (55), Sheryl Crow (55), James Spader (57), Mia Farrow (72), Charlotte Rampling (71), Joe Pesci (74), Greg Norman (62), Sarah Palin (53), Christopher Guest (69), Michael Sheen (48), Nick Nolte (76), Seth Green (43), Axl Rose (55), John Grisham (62), Rick Astley (51), Bobby Brown (48), Glenn Beck (53) and Vince Neil (56).

Next week peeps!

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