Dead Pool 10th April 2016

Dead Pool Background

We have to start this weeks edition with a bow towards Nick M, who scores 57 points with the death of Erik Bauersfeld, talk about obscure or what! Who would have guessed that the voice of Admiral Ackbar in Star Wars: The Return of the Jedi would have croaked it this year!!! I’d also like to highlight the death of actress Amber Rayne, nobody sent a klaxon, even though she’d starred in over 500 films, perhaps none of you have seen any… Sadly it is thought she died at the age of 31 due to an accidental overdose after her favourite horse died, apparently she was making a name for herself in the dressage world. On another note, Hugh Hefner’s envious younger brother has died, so there is hope for Hugh to cark it sometime, immortality doesn’t run in the family.

Look Who You Could Have Had:

In Other News

Charlie SheenDead Pool favourite, Charlie Sheen, is facing a police investigation over claims he made threats against an ex-girlfriend, who is suing him for assault and battery. The National Enquirer and RadarOnline reported a 35-minute recording, apparently of the actor, making threats about former porn star Scottine Ross. Ms Ross has taken legal action against Sheen, claiming he physically abused her and had sex with her without disclosing his HIV positive status. Sheen has not commented on the reports. In a televised interview in November 2015, Sheen said he had been diagnosed with HIV four years earlier. The former star admitted his history of drink and drug abuse was a “bad decision” but said it was “impossible” he would have passed HIV on to anyone else. In December, Ms Ross – who was engaged to Sheen in 2014 before the relationship was broken off – filed a legal action against him accusing him of “physical, psychological and emotional abuse”.

Fidel-CastroTalking of Dead Pool stalwarts, Fidel Castro has made a rare public appearance, speaking to schoolchildren about his brother’s late wife and revolutionary figure Vilma Espin. The 89-year-old former president regularly writes reflections in the state media and meets with dignitaries but seldom appears in public. His last appearance at a public event was in July 2015. Wearing a white sports jacket and speaking in a scratchy voice, Castro told a room of students and teachers that Espin would be happy to see the fruits of her sacrifice at schools like theirs. Thursday’s appearance came on what would have been her 86th birthday. The revolutionary leader did not make any remarks about last month’s visit to Cuba by president Barack Obama in televised portions of the visit aired on Cuban state news media. Castro wrote a 1,500-word essay in response to Obama’s trip in his only statement about the US leader’s visit to date, reminding Cubans about a long history of US aggression against the island and stating: “we don’t need the empire to give us any presents.” Castro stepped aside in 2006 after suffering a serious illness and officially retired two years later, but his presence still casts a long shadow on Cuban government and society.

Nick BoxerThe boxer Nick Blackwell has woken from an induced coma, a week after collapsing following a domestic title fight against Chris Eubank Jr. The middleweight fighter regained consciousness on Saturday and a day later was well enough to begin talking to family and friends at his bedside, his promoters said on Monday.  Blackwell was placed in a coma after being stretchered from the ring at Wembley’s SSE Arena following his defeat to Eubank on 26th March. The fight had been stopped in the 10th round after the doctor decided he could not see from his heavily swollen left eye. In a statement, Hennessy Sports said the boxer had not been as badly injured as early reports suggested. Rather than suffering bleeding to the brain, “his bleed was outside the brain – on the skull, in fact – and was minor enough for there to be no need to operate,” it said. Speaking to reporters last week, Eubank Jr said he had realised his opponent was in trouble and reduced the ferocity of his punches after his father, who was in his corner during the bout, warned him that Blackwell could be seriously hurt.

Sweeney ToddIn the first of two Darwinian award stories, two boys were taken to hospital after receiving neck wounds during an opening night performance of Sweeney Todd at a school in Auckland, New Zealand. If you don’t know, the musical features a barber who murders his customers by slitting their throats and selling their remains to a pie shop. One of the boys, both aged 16, was more seriously hurt but Auckland Hospital said both were in a stable condition. The head of the private college, Steve Cole told TVNZ, that it was an “unfortunate and isolated incident” involving “a prop that was covered in all sorts of duct tape and silver paper.” The razor did not have a sharp edge and it had been used numerous times in rehearsals, he said. The school has postponed Thursday’s performance of the play, and said the boys were expected to be discharged from hospital on Thursday. Cole admitted that, “in hindsight”, it might have been better to use a plastic prop. No shit Sherlock!!

Snake girlAn Indonesian singer has died after she was bitten by a cobra that was being used as a prop in her performance. Irma Bule was bitten by the cobra on her thigh during a performance in a village in Karawang, West Java in Indonesia on Sunday. An eyewitness told Indonesian news that the 29-year-old singer was bitten after she stepped on the cobra’s tail during her second song. It is believed that the singer thought the cobra was defanged, so she refused any help for the bite and continued to sing. Forty five minutes later and still performing, she began vomiting and having seizures. The singer was rushed to a nearby hospital where she was later pronounced dead. Bule, who frequently performed with snakes and cobras, was a singer of Dangdut music, a genre of popular music based on traditional Indonesian folk music. Lydia Apririasari of the Tulala Snake Research Center told Rappler that dancing with snakes is very common in Indonesian villages. In the past, Bule has also used boa constrictors and pythons in her live shows.

On This Day


Last Week’s Birthdays

Alec Baldwin (58), Eddie Murphy (55), Leona Lewis (31), Amanda Bynes (30), Robert Downey Jr. (51), David Blaine (43), Pharrell Williams (43), Colin Powell (79), John Ratzenberger (69), Paul Rudd (47), Zack Braff (41), John Oates (67), Francis Ford Coppola (77), Jackie Chan (62), Russell Crowe (52), Robin Wright (50), Patricia Arquette (48), Julian Lennon (53), Hugh Hefner (90), Jenna Jameson (42), Dennis Quaid (62) and Kirsten Stewart (26).

The Last Word

I am about to – or I am going to – die: either expression is correct. – Dominique Bouhours, French grammarian, d. 1702

Next week peeps!

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