Dead Pool 18th August 2013

Untitled-1Good afternoon Poolers, sadly our list of notables is a bit bare again this week, but those who died did so at young ages, so a huge sadness as a vast amount of points have gone down the swanney, plus they’re dead. I think we all missed a good contender in young Prince Friso, we all knew he had a slight mishap with an avalanche last year, but none of us picked him up for our lists. Tut tut, we must try harder next year!

Look who you could have had:

In other news

fidel-castroMuch to his surprise, an ours, Fidel Castro is still alive and celebrated his 87th birthday last week. Little did he know that seven years ago, when he transferred power to his brother Raul due to a fatal sounding stomach ailment, he’d still be hanging in there in 2013. A stalwart of the Dead Pool for many years, Castro remains one of those elusive names that just wont die, but you know he’s guaranteed to die the year you don’t include him in your list!

8c3874b1-aa37-3900-943d-7cb932d4e83dPrince Philip has appeared at his first public engagement since he left hospital, saying that it’s ‘a great pleasure to be back in circulation again.’ I’m sure it is Phil, although a few of us would like to see your circulation permanently stop. The 92 year old managed to hand out a few medals to some undeserving sorts who apparently did some good for their community, well done Phil, surely you should get back up on one of your horses or something, give us some points!

dcacc92e-4460-3f96-9a5c-a942033a98eeYou may have heard that R&B ‘star’ Chris Brown suffered a seizure last week, caused by stress whilst he was working in his studio it seems. His publicist claimed it was down to the “continued onslaught of unfounded legal matters and nonstop negativity.” Well, if poor Chris wasn’t prepared for some negativity and a bit of hounding from the authorities, perhaps he should have kept his fists to himself rather than share them with Rhianna’s face. Just a thought…

Onto last weeks birthdays, the gorgeous Mila Kunis (30), Steve Carell (51), Magic Johnson (54), Ben Affleck (41), Halle Berry (47), James Cameron (59), Princess Anne (63), Natasha Henstridge (39), Madonna (55), Steve Martin (68), Hulk Hogan (60), Anna Gunn (45), Chris Hemsworth (30), George Hamilton (74), Mark Knopfler (64), Pete Sampras (42), Fidel Castro (87), Robert De Niro (70), Belinda Carlisle (55) and lastly, Sean Penn (53).

2013 League Table


Next week peeps!

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