Dead Pool 8th July 2018

Welcome to the only place football isn’t mentioned… Doh! Let’s award some points!!! Paul C. had Giuseppina Projetto as his Cert, so 134 points bestowed upon him and he now takes the top spot on the league table. Well done that man!

Look Who You Could Have Had:

  • Peter Firmin, 89, British television producer (Bagpuss, Noggin the Nog, Clangers).
  • Dame Gillian Lynne, 92, British dancer and choreographer (The Phantom of the Opera, Cats, The Muppet Show).
  • Alan Longmuir, 70, Scottish bass guitarist (Bay City Rollers).
  • Richard Swift, 41, American singer-songwriter, producer and musician (The Shins, The Black Keys, Starflyer 59).  
  • Giuseppina Projetto, 116, Italian supercentenarian, oldest person in Europe, world’s second oldest living person.  
  • Steve Ditko, 90, American comic book writer and artist (Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Blue Beetle), heart attack.

In Other News

Elvis Costello has cancelled his tour as he reveals surgery to beat cancer. He has scrapped the remaining six dates of the European tour on doctor’s orders, explaining he had an operation to remove a ‘very aggressive cancerous malignancy’. Elvis, 63, apologised to his fans and said he initially thought his treatment would be completed in time for him to finish his tour, but that proved to not be the case. “Six weeks ago my specialist called me and said, ‘You should start playing the Lotto,'” he said in a statement, explaining surgeons, “had rarely, if ever, seen such a small but very aggressive cancerous malignancy that could be defeated by a single surgery.” “I was elated and relieved that our European summer tour could go ahead,” he continued. “Post-surgical guidelines for such surgery, recommend three weeks to four weeks recovery depending on whether you are returning to a desk job or an occupation that involves physical work or travel.” However, after hitting the road he soon realised his health needed to be his absolute focus. But he vowed to return to the stage as soon as possible, and teased new music for later in the year. 

Three people have been charged with kidnapping a ‘star’ of the Halloween film series, along with another actor – holding the latter for ransom. They are accused of kidnapping the well known actor Joseph Capone and Daisy McCrackin – a ‘star’ of 2002’s Halloween: Resurrection – from the actress’ Los Angeles home. According to information released by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office, the drama began on 3rd May 2017. The pair were alleged to have been taken to the kidnappers house with black hoods over their heads. Capone was stripped naked and tied up in a bathtub and beaten with a gun, (superfluous expenditure of energy, much easier to shoot him in the leg or something) while McCrackin was driven to several banks, in her own car no less, and told to provide at least $10,000 for the release of her fellow actor. McCrackin was able to escape and alert police after being driven back to her home. McCrackin played a character called Donna in Halloween: Resurrection. Her character died after being impaled on a spike by the murderous Michael Myers. The 36-year-old also appeared in some other films you haven’t seen or heard of.  

Danny O’Connor has pulled out of his first world title fight after collapsing attempting to make the 10-stone weight limit. O’Connor, 33, was due to fight fellow American Jose Ramirez for the WBC light-welterweight belt on Saturday. The WBC confirmed he was taken to hospital suffering “dehydration symptoms”, while his promoter said he thought his kidneys had “shut down”. O’Connor said he “let the idea of being a world champion cloud my judgement”. Promoter Joe DeGuardia of Star Boxing said his fighter, who has won 30 of his 33 professional bouts – 11 by knockout – “collapsed leaving the sauna” while attempting to cut a “perfectly normal” two pounds. O’Connor posted an image of himself in hospital on social media, saying: “Heartbreaking to be rushed to the hospital and deemed medically unfit to fight. “He was rushed to the hospital and admitted suspecting his kidneys may have shut down,” DeGuardia added in another social media post. “It pains us to show these photos of Danny but his team and wife agreed that it was important to show the harsh realities of this sport and how hard fighters work to make weight and to what lengths they push themselves.” 

A tale of warning to some of you… A 92-year-old US  woman shot and killed her son, 72, in order to avoid being sent into a care home, police say. Anna Mae Blessing, who is charged with murder, contemplated her son’s intentions to put her into care for days, according to court documents. “You took my life, so I’m taking yours,” she reportedly said as she was escorted out of the Arizona home she shared with her son and his girlfriend. Mrs Blessing told police she had intended to kill herself, too. Mrs Blessing’s son, whose name has not been released, wanted her to leave for an assisted living facility because she “had become difficult to live with”. The mother concealed two firearms in her robe pockets before confronting her son in his bedroom. During the ensuing argument, she pulled out one revolver, purchased in the 1970s, and fired at her son. Mrs Blessing then pointed the gun at her son’s 57-year-old girlfriend, who managed to wrestle it away and throw it into a corner of the room. She pulled out a second pistol, which she told police her late husband had given to her in the 1970s. The girlfriend managed to knock this one out of Mrs Blessing’s hands, too, before escaping and calling the sheriff’s office. Police found the son dead, with two bullet wounds to his neck and jaw. They found Mrs Blessing in a reclining chair in her bedroom. She later told them she deserved to be “put to sleep” for her actions. She is charged with first-degree murder, aggravated assault and kidnapping, and her bail was set at $500,000. Ironically, she’ll most likely end up in a nursing home.  

On This Day

  • 1889 – The first issue of The Wall Street Journal is published. 
  • 1947 – Reports are broadcast that a UFO crash landed in Roswell, New Mexico in what became known as the Roswell UFO incident.  
  • 2011 – Space Shuttle Atlantis is launched in the final mission of the U.S. Space Shuttle program.


Last Week’s Birthdays

Shelley Duvall (69), Jack Whitehall (30), Ringo Starr (78), Sylvester Stallone (72), Eva Green (38), Kevin Hart (39), Geoffrey Rush (67), Jennifer Saunders (60), 50 Cent (43), Ned Beatty 981), Burt Ward (73), Edie Falco (55), RZA (49), Huey Lewis (68), Gina Lollobrigida (91), Neil Morrissey (56), Ronni Ancona (50), Tom Cruise (56), Kurtwood Smith (75), Yeardley Smith (54), Margot Robbie (28), Lindsay Lohan (32), Larry David (71), Saul Rubinek (70), Jerry Hall (62), Peter Kay (45), Pamela Anderson (51), Liv Tyler (41), Dan Aykroyd (66), Olivia de Havilland (102), Geneviève Bujold (76), Debbie Harry (73) and David Prowse (83).

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