Dead Pool 24th March 2013

Untitled-2Above are three faces that featured in my childhood somehow, from scaring me, giving me penile envy syndrome or making me laugh, I’ll let you decide who did what.

Luckily one of us guessed Frank Thornton would be sent to meet his maker this year, well done Nickie, 58 points to you and you’re up and running in this years Dead Pool! Nearly half of us have scored this year already, an amazing achievement seeing it’s only the end of March.

Look who you could have had:

In other news

imagesThe Duke of Kent suffered a mild stroke last Monday, not the sexy kind either. His brain bubble isn’t thought to be serious, but who knows how these things affect 77 year olds. I’m sure you will all like to wish him well, until next January at least, seeing none of you have him on a list.  Things don’t seem to be going so well for the Royal family of late as his cousin The Queen has still not recovered from her bout of the shits either. I will now share with you a Jimmy Carr joke. “What do you get if you cross The Queen and Prince Philip?”      “A car crash in Paris…”

UnknownI thought I’d start a new feature with you this week, I’m going to call it “The Cunt of the Week That Should Have Died.” I suspect this will always feature something from the Daily Mail, like this weeks cunt without doubt is Richard Littlejohn, whose article about a transgender teacher led her to commit suicide.  With 104 references to homosexuality in 90 articles, one wonders if Richard is in fact hiding in the closet himself, so far back he’s in Narnia!

110302_zsa_zsa_gaborThings are getting a bit tight in the Gabor household it seems, Zsa Zsa’s husband has applied to get her house sold off to pay a $1.5 million loan he took out to stave off an infection to her feeding tube. So not only has she lost her leg she’s also going to lose her house. Luckily for her, the canny old bastard is making a deal that should see her in the house she has lived in for forty years for another three years, which sort of suggests he’s not holding out much hope for her.

In the world of birthdays we only have young un’s to celebrate today, namely Alyson Hannigan (39), Jessica Chastain (38), Lara Flynn Boyle (43) and Jim Parsons (40). I’m sure you would all agree that all the women would look great on my arm 😉

2013 League Table


Next Week peeps!


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