Dead Pool 14h April 2013

thatcherI don’t know if you have heard as the media haven’t really been covering the story, but Margaret Thatcher died. I know, it came as a shock to me as well, I’d have thought someone would have mentioned it. Out of all of us, only five didn’t have her on our lists, most had her as the Woman or the Cert so there are points galore awarded, you will have to check the leader board to see the massive changes. Embarrassingly, I’m now leading the pack!

I could go on a massive tirade right about now as the legacy she left is continuing to be divisive and costly to our country, but after seeing the disrespectful parties etc, I’m less inclined to lay into her, after all, she was a human being (supposedly) and a mother.

There is a time and place to protest, I personally think that time is after she has been put in the ground.  I know, I think I have shocked some of you!

Look who you could have had:

In other news

Good versus badDave mentioned that I had missed one of his people last week, which I did. Elsie Thompson died, forgive me for missing that one, but he also mentioned that one person on his list died in 2010, so with that I mind I took some time during the week to review everyones lists just in case.

So good news for some; Shan had Van Cliburn, whom I covered but I didn’t notice she had him, so points awarded. Paul C. had Damon Harris, another person I missed altogether, points awarded.

Bad news? As mentioned Dave had Hatsue Ono, who’s already dead and I also saw that Ceri had Gloria Stuart who had also died before 2013. Sorry guys, that’s just tough titties I’m afraid. Sorry I didn’t pick it up at the time but I was busy trying to get you lazy cunts to hand in your lists on time.

nancy_reaganAs you may have guessed, there is no other news this week other than Thatcher, but what is interesting is who isn’t going to attend her funeral due to ‘ill health.’ Namely Nancy Reagan, the wife of Ronald, the man who put the special into the special relationship. Rumours abound, but I’m sure they both had a shag, surely, just like Major and Currie, power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Mikhail-Gorbachev-1Also Mikhail Gorbachev is feeling too poorly to attend. Keep an eye on that one, these political ones die in threes. Another political adversary of Thatcher’s, Neil Kinnock, will not attend because he’s too busy. msa_neil_kinnockApparently a Welsh councillor is having his funeral on the same day. Got to hand it to Kinnock, missing a massive party in London to attend a tiny wake in a Valleys pub.

Jim Davidson, one of Thatcher’s greatest supporters can’t attend because he’s facing charges of sexual assault in connection to Operation Yewtree. Amazing circles Thatcher kept. Luckily Jeremy Clarkson will be there to keep the flag flying.

ArthurScargillFinally, Arthur Scargill will not attend, and who can blame him. Her and him had a bit of a falling out. But I will share this little snippet from The Independent with you because it made me smile.

Arthur Scargill, the former leader of the National Union of Mineworkers who clashed spectacularly with Lady Thatcher during the 1984/85 miners’ strike, has apparently responded to news of the former prime minister’s death. Friend Ken Capstick said he sent him a text message simply stating: “Thatcher dead”, to which the former union leader replied: “Scargill alive!”.

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Next Week peeps!

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