Dead Pool 10th March 2013

ImageFirst of all, I’d like to share a web address with you

As some of the more aware of you will notice, it’s a WordPress blog I’ve set up for the Dead Pool. Yes, it’s yet more work for me to do, but hopefully it will interest a few more people into taking part next year. So please promote the shit out of it, especially amongst your friends and followers who are not taking part.

So without doubt the big news today is the death of Hugo Chávez at the age of 58 which means a fuckload of points to be awarded, not least to me as I had him as my Cert! 192 points to me! Also winning like a Sheen is Bec, Jem and Cassie, all getting 92 points each. This drastically changes the leader board, which we shall see at the end of the newsletter, unless you are reading this on the blog, where our anonymity is slightly more important.

Look who you could have had:

In other news

justin-bieber-london-hospitalT’Bieber has been a bit naughty hasn’t he. Turning up late for his concert and leaving all those pre-pubescent homosexuals and teenage daughters waiting in what I can only imagine to be a fervour of panty sweat and tears. Not only this, he even had a mild heart attack on-stage and passed out off-stage. I’m wondering if the cough syrup and weed is taking its toll on him, after all he is a poofter Canadian. When I was 19 I was quaffing bars dry and putting pounds of cocaine up my nose and I never missed a days work either, kids these days!

UnknownThis week’s odd piece of deadly news; some guy in Berlin decided to kill his boyfriend and then slice him up into pieces and then cook his head. Now, I don’t know about you, if I was feeling a pit peckish for some long pig, I wouldn’t cook the head. Maybe a nice piece of buttock or perhaps a chop. Some people have no fucking idea!

Paul-Gascoigne-Sir-Bobby-Robson-Thanksgiving-_2363507Gazza admitted that he actually died whilst in rehab this time around, no, that does not mean you get your points, he’s got to be dead permanently! The raging alcoholic, who could teach Bieber a thing or two, is now dry again, but for how long? A three day coma, pickled liver, less than 50, OMG!!

We have some birthdays to celebrate today, the magnificently hard Chuck Norris is 73 years old today! Also celebrating a year closer to death are Sharon Stone (55) and Jon Hamm (42). Contenders for next year?

I’m sure I’ve bored you half to death already. so onto the leader board.


Next week peeps!

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