Dead Pool 25th November 2018

Welcome all, to a strangely historical deadly day, where the Earth itself has tried to kill more people than people have. Normally we’d find one or two deadly earthquakes per day, but the 25th of November seems to have fuckloads of disasters listed, so make sure you stay inside! With just over FIVE weeks to go, it’s probably time for you to start researching next years list.

Look Who You Could Have Had:

In Other News

Zimbabwe’s former President Mugabe, 94, is unable to walk because of ill health, President Emmerson Mnangagwa has said. Mr Mugabe has been in Singapore for treatment for an undisclosed illness for the past two months, he added. The former president also made several medical trips there towards the end of his time in power. Mr Mnangagwa became head of state a year ago after Mr Mugabe was ousted following the intervention of the army. Up to that point, Mr Mugabe was the only president Zimbabwe had known, having been in power for 37 years. President Mnangagwa was addressing a rally in his predecessor’s home area when he talked about the former leader’s health. “He is now old. Of course, he now is unable to walk but whatever he asks for we will provide,” the AFP news agency quotes him as saying. When Mr Mugabe was in power officials said he was being treated for eye problems, denying rumours that he had cancer. Despite being unable to walk, Mr Mnangagwa said the former leader was feeling better and would be back in the country next week. Unsurprisingly, the government is paying for Mr Mugabe’s treatment.      

A woman allegedly killed her boyfriend and served his remains in traditional dish, police in the United Arab Emirates have said. The alleged victim’s brother was visiting the suspect to ask about his sibling when he spotted a tooth in her blender, prosecutors say. Although she told him they had broken up, his suspicions were aroused and he called in the police. At first the woman denied involvement but then broke down and said that she had killed him during a “moment of insanity” They added that the Moroccan native also claimed that she had supported the victim during their seven-year relationship, and then he told her that he was going to marry someone else in her homeland. It is then alleged that she butchered his body and minced it in a blender. She reportedly told investigators that she used the meat to cook machboos, a dish made from rice, spices, and typically, lamb, not human. She is then alleged to have served this to a group of construction workers nearby in order to get rid of the evidence. The leftovers were fed to neighbourhood dogs. The suspect allegedly asked a friend for help to clean the house. While she noticed the bloodstains, the friend is not thought to have witnessed the crime. Investigators did not offer details on how she carried out the killing, but they said that the woman faces a court date once the investigation is complete.

On This Day

  • 1667 – A deadly earthquake rocks Shemakha in the Caucasus, killing 80,000 people.  
  • 1759 – An earthquake hits the Mediterranean destroying Beirut and Damascus and killing 30,000-40,000.  
  • 1833 – A massive undersea earthquake, estimated magnitude between 8.7-9.2, rocks Sumatra, producing a massive tsunami all along the Indonesian coast.
  • 1839 – A cyclone slams India with high winds and a 40-foot storm surge, destroying the port city of Coringa (which has never been completely rebuilt). The storm wave sweeps inland, taking with it 20,000 ships and thousands of people. An estimated 300,000 deaths result from the disaster.   
  • 1926 – The deadliest November tornado outbreak in U.S. history kills 76 people and injures more than 400.  
  • 1950 – The Great Appalachian Storm of November 1950 impacts 22 American states, killing 353 people, injuring over 160, and causing $66.7 million in damages.  
  • 1984 – Thirty-six top musicians gather in a Notting Hill studio and record Band Aid’s “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” in order to raise money for famine relief in Ethiopia.  
  • 1987 – Typhoon Nina pummels the Philippines with category 5 winds of 165 mph and a surge that destroys entire villages. At least 1,036 deaths are attributed to the storm. 
  • 1996 – An ice storm strikes the central U.S., killing 26 people. A powerful windstorm affects Florida and winds gust over 90 mph, toppling trees and flipping trailers.  
  • 2000 – The 2000 Baku earthquake, with a Richter magnitude of 7.0, leaves 26 people dead in Baku, Azerbaijan, and becomes the strongest earthquake in the region in 158 years.  
  • 2008 – Cyclone Nisha strikes northern Sri Lanka, killing 15 people and displacing 90,000 others while dealing the region the highest rainfall in nine decades.  
  • 2009 – Jeddah floods: Freak rains swamp the city of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, during an ongoing Hajj pilgrimage. Three thousand cars are swept away and 122 people perish in the torrents, with 350 others missing.


Cunt of the Week

An American man who was killed by tribespeople on a remote Indian island said he was travelling there to “declare Jesus to these people”. In a letter to his family in the days before his death, missionary and adventurer John Allen Chau said they “might think I’m crazy”, but that he was willing to risk death to try and convert the people of North Sentinel island to Christianity, even though he didn’t speak their language. Also, what Chau might not have considered is that the Sentinelese are rather quite happy not knowing about Jesus. It is illegal for anyone to travel to the small island, part of the Andaman and Nicobar chain which sits in the Bay of Bengal and is administrated by India. Members of the Sentinelese tribe have resisted contact with the outside world for generations and are known to attack outsiders with bows and arrows. Initial reports of Mr Chau’s death described him as an adventure tourist, and police told journalists it was “a case of misdirected adventure”.  But in his letter and journals Mr Chau makes clear that his primary motivation for visiting North Sentinel was that of a Christian missionary. Describing his first encounter with the tribe Mr Chau wrote that he kayaked to shore and was met by a group of young people carrying bows and arrows. “I hollered, ‘My name is John, I love you and Jesus loves you,’” he wrote. One of the young Sentinelese shot at him and the arrow pierced a copy of the Bible he was carrying. As you can see, God did try to intervene to save his life, but the stupid cunt persevered. He returned to the island the next day, 16th November. On the morning of 17th November, the fishermen watched from the boat as members of the tribe dragged Mr Chau’s body along the beach and buried him, police said. It is unclear whether the authorities will risk further conflict with the Sentinelese by travelling to the island to recover Mr Chau’s remains. In Mr Chau’s journals from his final days at North Sentinel, according to the Washington Post, he makes clear just how aware he was of the potentially deadly outcome of visiting the Sentinelese. “I don’t want to die!” he wrote. “Would it be wiser to leave and let someone else continue? No. I don’t think so. I still could make it back to the US somehow as it almost seems like certain death to stay here. His letter to his parents begins: “You guys might think I’m crazy in all this but I think it’s worth it to declare Jesus to these people. Survival International estimates that there are around 100 tribespeople living on North Sentinel. They are primarily hunter-gatherers, although they also fish using small canoes, and unlike most of the protected tribes in India have been almost completely isolated from the outside world “for thousands of years, as far as we know”, Ms Grig said. Researchers don’t even know what language they speak, let alone what belief system they follow. “People in the Andamans are appalled anyone would attempt to go there,” she said. “Not only is there an enormous risk to [the visitor’s] life, but it is potentially devastating for the tribe, who will have no resistance to the sorts of diseases you might bring in from outside. We know of Amerindian tribes where 90 per cent have been wiped out on first contact.” A disastrous British colonial expedition to the island in 1880 could explain why the tribe is so hostile to outsiders. The explorers kidnapped two elderly Sentinelese tribespeople and four children, but when the adults quickly became sick and died, the children were immediately returned to the island with “gifts”. “Who knows what devastation sending them back wrought, particularly if they were carrying any pathogens,” Ms Grig said. “It is conjecture, but it may well be part of their history and shared knowledge – that when you have contact with outsiders, many people die. If that’s the case, it is clearly self-defence when they kill someone [like Mr Chau] in this manner.” What is blatantly obvious from what has happened, Darwinism is certainly beating Christianity at this point.

Last Week’s Birthdays

Katherine Heigl (40), Sarah Hyland (28), Stephen Merchant (44), Denise Crosby (61), Billy Connolly (76), Conleth Hill (54), Michelle Gomez (52), Miley Cyrus (26), Kelly Brook (39), Ricky Whittle (37), Scarlett Johansson (34), Jamie Lee Curtis (60), Mark Ruffalo (51), Mads Mikkelsen (53), Terry Gilliam (78), Goldie Hawn (73), Alexander Siddig (53), Björk (53), Carly Rae Jepsen (33), Sean Young (59), Ming-Na Wen (55), Bo Derek (62), Jerry Hardin (89), Adam Driver (35), Jodie Foster (56), Meg Ryan (57), Terry Farrell (55), Robert Beltran (65), Owen Wilson (50), Linda Evans (76), Delroy Lindo (66) and Alan Moore (65).

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