Dead Pool 30th September 2018

Slightly food related this week, you can blame Nickie for that as she kept sending these awesome stories she found. The highlight of this week is the passing of John Cunliffe, the creator of Postman Pat, we can only assume that Jess the Cat has been re-homed appropriately. 

Look Who You Could Have Had:

In Other News

A judge in Pennsylvania has jailed US comedian Bill Cosby for three to ten years for sexual assault. Cosby, 81, was classified as a “sexually violent predator” and immediately sent to a state prison in Pennsylvania to serve out his three-to-ten sentence for the 2004 sexual assault of Andrea Constand. (Constand is one of more than 60 women who have accused Cosby of sexual assault.) Other than putting ‘America’s Dad’ on suicide watch, I’m sure we’d all like to know what he had to eat once Big Brenda finished with him. Meals vary depending on the day and the week. For breakfast, Cosby will have access to fruit and cereal every day, as well as milk, coffee and sugar. On Saturdays, on the current rotation, there are pancakes. For lunch and dinner, the menu is more varied. On Mondays, lunch could be a cheese pizza or a garden burger with bread. This coming Monday, the dinner entrees are roast pork or a tofu oat burger. At lunch that day, the prison is serving chocolate pudding, a product Mr. Cosby was associated with as a pitchman for Jell-O. Cosby famously promoted Jell-O products starting in 1974, with his work talking up Jell-O Pudding Pops in 1979 attaining iconic status. Pudding Pops were discontinued in the late ‘90s. Cosby was discontinued in 2018.    

Remember Gladiators? Other that the sexy Jet, no, I don’t either. However, former Gladiator star Cobra has revealed that he can still fit into his iconic leotard – but that his body is now ‘worn out’ and he is preparing to get both hips replaced. ‘I need new hips. I’ve bolts in this shoulder, bolts in that shoulder. I’ve torn my bicep. I’ve torn the bicep on this side. I’ve got arthritis up and down the spine,’ he said. ‘But it’s just like a car, if you do too much. You do too many miles and your parts wear out.’ Cobra, real name Michael Willson, is now 54; he found fame on the ITV Saturday night game show which saw four contestants compete in a series of physical events against the show’s Gladiators. ‘My friends keep telling me I should stop living in the past, let the Gladiator thing go, but I can’t. I keep looking at myself on the Gladiator magazines and albums. I once was on the front of a cereal packet. I’ve even had my own action figure,’ he said. Michael became a household name alongside co-stars Diane Youdale (Jet), Kim Bets (Lightning), Warren Furman (Ace), and Michael Van Wijk (Wolf), but these days he lives in Kent by the coast, crying into his cornflakes each morning. Just goes to show, being a couch potato is probably better for you.  

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more food related, notorious serial killer Rose West has scooped first prize in a prison bake-off competition. West, 64, who was convicted of ten murders in 1995, came up trumps when inmates in F-Wing at HMP Prison Low Newton voted for her Victoria sponge. West, who is serving a life sentence, loves to bake and uses her culinary skills to impress fellow lags. ‘There are some very violent women on the wing and a lot of them are very aggressive towards West because of her crimes. ‘But she tends to defuse situations by offering other prisoners cakes and biscuits.’ West along with her husband Fred raped and murdered their daughter Heather and buried her under their patio – then did the same to nine others. Despite being a sadistic serial killer, West, who is serving a life sentence for her despicable crimes, is allowed to use knives while under staff supervision. West suffers from breathlessness and high blood pressure and has been warned that she must diet or face developing type 2 diabetes or premature death after her weight ballooned to 18 stone. You can send her more sugary treats c/o HM Prison Low Newton, Brasside, Durham, DH1 5YA.

On This Day

  • 1888 – Jack the Ripper kills his third and fourth victims, Elizabeth Stride and Catherine Eddowes.  
  • 1965 – In Indonesia, a coup by the 30 September Movement is crushed, leading to a mass anti-communist purge, with over 500,000 people killed.
  • 1993 – The 6.2 Mw Latur earthquake shakes Maharashtra, India with a maximum Mercalli intensity of VIII (Severe) killing 9,748 and injuring 30,000.


Last Week’s Birthdays

Erika Eleniak (49), Ian McShane (76), Mackenzie Crook (47), Luke Goss (50), Patricia Hodge (72), Naomi Watts (50), Mira Sorvino (51), Hilary Duff (31), Brigitte Bardot (84), Jeffrey Jones (72), Dita Von Teese (46), Moon Unit Zappa (51), Gwyneth Paltrow (46), Avril Lavigne (34), Meat Loaf (71), Denis Lawson (71), Jim Caviezel (50), Linda Hamilton (62), Olivia Newton-John (70), Lysette Anthony (55), Serena Williams (37), Ricky Tomlinson (79), Will Smith (50), Catherine Zeta-Jones (49), Mark Hamill (67), Michael Douglas (74), Michael Madsen (61), Heather Locklear (57), Felicity Kendal (72), Sven-Ole Thorsen (74), Jack Dee (57), Karl Pilkington (46) and Bruce Springsteen (69).

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