Dead Pool 19th May 2013

Untitled-1Welcome yet again to the Dead Pool newsletter. As you will soon see, this week has been a slight disappointment on the deaths front, I’ll be honest and say I had only ever heard of Paul Shane and all he’s done is made me look towards Ruth Madoc and Sue Pollard as potential names for next year. It goes without saying that nobody has scored, but we can’t have every week a Margaret Thatcher now can we!

Look who you could have had:

In other news

ang_wet2_001_001As you may have heard, one of Hollywood’s greatest relationships has ended. Yes, Angelina Jolie and her breasts have gone separate ways. We have seen the breasts fall out a few times with Jolie, but it seems the final straw was a rumour that her breasts might be responsible for giving her future cancer. Obviously this malignant rumour was denied by the breasts, citing that there was a 16% chance that they’d not give her the Big C, but Jolie had had enough, so she had Kevin Spacey chop them off and deliver them to her husband in a box.  Jennifer Aniston is said to be over the moon.

GeorgeMichael-380x230Things haven’t been going well for George Michael either. The 49 year old singer was a passenger in a car when it went Wham into something, leaving the entertainer with a head injury and superficial cuts. I think George needs to stay away from cars if he intends to live, this is now his third accident and he had a close call with pneumonia only a couple of years ago. Surely a potential name for next year!

ELSAHEFA-37044-4You may have also heard that the real Marge Simpson has died. Sadly for us, Margaret Groening wasn’t famous enough to make the Wiki dead pool listings, but as a matter of interest I thought I’d mention her death at the age of 94. What you may not know is that her maiden name was Wiggum. O_o

2013 League Table


Next week peeps!

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