Dead Pool 12th March 2017

Welcome  Poolers, another week, another few pointless deaths. I shan’t waffle on, it’s a Sunday after all and we all need to get lazy! Those pants don’t get sat on by themselves!

Look Who You Could Have Had:

In Other News

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari has said he has never been “so sick” as he has felt in recent weeks. He was speaking to dignitaries in the capital, Abuja, after returning from seven weeks of medical leave in the UK. His absence led to some anxiety in Nigeria with people speculating about the president’s health. Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo was left in charge and Mr Buhari’s spokesperson has tweeted that he will formally return to power on Monday. The 74-year-old flew into an air force base in the northern city of Kaduna from London on Friday morning. Despite talking about how he felt, Mr Buhari did not reveal any details of his condition. He did say he was “feeling much better now” but added that further medical checks would be required. These comments will do little to reassure critics who are questioning whether the president is fit enough to hold office. It is the second time in less than a year that Mr Buhari has sought medical assistance overseas. Last June, he spent nearly two weeks, again in London, for treatment for an ear infection.

An Egyptian woman, believed to be the world’s heaviest at 500kg (1,102lb or 79 Stone), has undergone weight reduction surgery. A spokesperson at Mumbai’s Saifee Hospital said Eman Ahmed Abd El Aty, 36, had lost 100kg since arriving in India in January, that’s one of me that is! “We are trying to get her fit enough to fly back to Egypt as soon as possible,” the hospital said in a statement. The spokesperson told the BBC that she was likely to lose more weight in the coming months. The surgery was performed by a team of doctors led by bariatric surgeon, Dr Muffazal Lakdawala. Bariatric surgery, also known as weight loss surgery, is used as a last resort to treat people who are dangerously obese.

Veteran French rocker Johnny Hallyday has announced that he is being treated for cancer, just hours before a glossy magazine was due to reveal his illness, describing it as a serious concern. “Johnny” – as his fans call the closest France has got to Elvis who is often dubbed “the biggest star you’ve never heard of” – was quick to reassure followers on Twitter that his life was not in danger. “I was actually screened a few months ago for cancer cells for which I am currently being treated,” he wrote. “My life is not in danger today,” added the 73-year-old. “I’m doing very well and am in good physical condition,” he added. Hallyday’s announcement came ahead of the publication on Thursday by Closer magazine, which claimed his condition was life threatening. British rock lovers may scoff, but Johnny enjoys cult following back home, having sold more than 100 million records in his decades-long career. His health has been the subject of media speculation since he was hospitalised in 2009 in the United States for complications following a hernia operation, and was put in an artificial coma. Hallyday is a colourful character loved for hits such as “Allumez le Feu”, but also home-grown versions of rock standards such as Elvis Presley’s Hound Dog and Bebop a Lula by Gene Vincent.

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Last Week’s Birthdays

John Barrowman (50), Johnny Knoxville (46), Nina Hartley (58), Robert Glenister (57), Olivia Wilde (33), Sharon Stone (59), Jon Hamm (46), Chuck Norris (77), Juliette Binoche (53), Freddie Prinze Jr. (41), Rachel Weisz (47), Bryan Cranston (61), Rob Reiner (70), Tom Arnold (58), Ellen Muth (36), Shaquille O’Neal (45), Eva Mendes (43), Jolene Blalock (42), Paul Blackthorne (48), Liza Minnelli (71), Aaron Eckhart (49), Jaimie Alexander (33), Penn Jillette (62) and Ron Jeremy (64).

Next week peeps!

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